Should I force my son to eat vegetables?

My son is eight and doesn’t like most vegetables. I want him to eat better, so I put a small number of veggies on his plate at dinner. He will refuse to eat altogether. Should we force him to eat them or at least try them or punish them for being defiant? I’m at a complete loss as to what to do.


Im commenting to learn myself as well. Im told to just keep trying it and hopefully they might eat it after a few tries.

Make him veggie fruit smoothies


Honestly, if he’s taking vitamins and drinking plenty of water, he’ll be fine.

Finely shred them into other foods that he will eat, theyll be so small that he wont know what they are, if he even notices that they’re there. Or you can try to make smoothies with fruit and vegetables for him, its something fun for him and may be easier for you to get him to eat them.

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No, dont force. Push lots of fruit. I used to puree veggies and cook it in my sauces or lasagna or whatever, they got plenty :upside_down_face:


Punishment will most likely make it worse.


That’s when you learn how to hide them well into the main meal or make a fruit smoothie with veggies where you can’t taste the veggies. But no, not force.

My house children have to taste everything. Then they eat what is on the table. Or wait until next meal. No snack if they don’t.


I have found that if they participate in the cooking they are more interested in the eating :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I would try having him try these out… see if he will eat these. There is also a lot of other foods/recipes with vegetables in them that taste good for kids


My 4yo onky eats certain foods.
He’s now learnt he HAS to at least try them. If he doesn’t like them that’s ok, but he still has to have a try.

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Definitely keep trying. And I personally would not punish for not eating them. That will make meal time more of a fight. I put a new thing in front of my son and I ask that he try like 3 bites (usually he takes like 2) and if he really doesn’t like it then I will not force him to eat it. He’s generally a good eater though and does like a lot of veggies

My 6 year old is the same way. I make him take a few bites of veggies at every meal. I tell him if he doesnt eat it then he doesnt get dessert or he doesnt get his xbox/switch time. Most of the time it works.


There are a bunch of recipes out there hiding veggies in foods! Check some of those out that way he eats his vegetables and doesn’t know. I’ve made quite a few and if you didn’t tell me there were hidden veggies you would never know.

Tell him he needs to try everything once. Create with him a “no thank you helping” where he has to try everything if he doesn’t like it then fine but he has to try it.

Hide veggies in cookies , brownies , and smoothies he will eat them right up and never even know!

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Force a child to do something they don’t want to :man_facepalming::man_facepalming::man_facepalming::man_facepalming: parent 101 right there ffs

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What I did were make gravy from veggie water at least they get some Benefits

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My kid refuses… shes 5. She will make herself purposely gag and throw up all over everything if I tell her she HAS to eat it. I’ve tried telling her she cant go anywhere (like mawmaws) or shes going straight to bed… she doesnt care she will go to bed. So I’ve realized it does nothing for me to make her eat them.