Should I get a second opinion?

I recently got tested for preeclampsia, and they said I do not have it. But my 24-hour urine protein test result said 464mg, which is really high. I have been having severe headaches and have been nauseous and lightheaded. They said it’s likely nephritis, but I feel like I should get a second opinion.


I would. I’ve had to advocate for myself and switch doctors since my first OB this pregnancy kept trying to make me high risk when I’m clearly not suffering from pre eclampsia. All because 11 years ago when i was 150 lbs heavier and super unhealthy I had high BP towards the ending of it. :/Good luck.

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If you feel you need a second opinion, then you probably need a second opinion. No reason not to seek a second opinion.


Is your blood pressure high as well?

I would agree with getting a second opinion. If you ever feel something isn’t right listen to your gut. Yes they are medical professionals but sometimes things are missed. Always make sure you feel its the right desision for you.

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Get second opinion…i was diagnosed my 24hr urine protein was 634…its very serious to have monitored…for myself they are doing weekly check ups and ultrasounds to check baby…oxygen to baby etc…also will not go over 37 weeks

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With my son I had high blood pressure and for that reason they did preeclampsia testing for myself. When the testing came back I had failed the preeclampsia testing but they knew my high blood pressure was not good for the baby. Check your actually blood pressure and monitor it. I’m currently pregnant with my second and I have days where I feel the same way and I let my doctor know but my blood pressure doesn’t spike.

You definitely should get a second opinion. Go with your instincts. I wish I had.

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Did you have a baseline labs? Have you had two blood pressure 140/90 or greater, Unless you’ve been diagnosed with chronic hypertension or gestational hypertension, that requires two readings Of 160/100 or more, more than 4 hours apart, they also Check more than just the protein levels. Also how far along are you? There’s only a handful of cases before 20 weeks. You can always get a second opinion for peace of mind to.

Definitely do. I ended up with severe preeclampsia with my second because they wouldn’t diagnose me until my 40 week appointment and they couldn’t induce me for hours after because it was so bad at that point I was a stroke risk and they didn’t have an icu, I also got an infection and started to hemorrhage after birth but I don’t know if that was because of the preeclampsia or because my body sucks at giving birth :joy:

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Get the second opinion. I had undiagnosed pre-eclampsia with my first pregnancy. I had high blood pressure, swelling in my face and horrible headaches. I had an emergency c-section at 36 weeks, but my baby did not make through birth. I was on bed rest but I think it wasn’t enough, and when I was admitted for observation, my blood pressure was 175/105. If you feel something isn’t right, get checked out. I wish i would have.


Definitely get a second opinion. Your and your baby’s life may depend on it.

My doctor said anything over 400 is. Thats when I was diagnosed almost 2 years ago

If your guts telling you to do it do it. Always better to get confirmation anyways. So your not worried the whole time

If you feel like you should get a second opinion, then that’s what should matter not whether or not others think you should get a second opinion.
You know your body best and if you’re concerned then get a second opinion

That’s even worse .that’s your kidneys.they want you to have kidney failure while pregnant

If you think something is wrong then get a second opinion, but I don’t think your doctor is going to lie to you or put your life and baby’s life in danger.

Advocate for yourself! I had pre-e with my first and with my second I had the same symptoms…No one would listen and after two weeks of blood pressure checks they kept pulling me around about induction. I was 40 weeks when they finally induced. But my blood pressures were high 6-7 times, headaches and all. No protein in urine but finally a doctor listened and said “nope she has hypertension and needs to be induced now”. Always advocate for yourself.

If you feel like you should get a second opinion - definitely do ,you can’t be too cautious with yours and your baby’s life

Definitely a 2nd opinion.