Should I get genetic testing done?

I am 38yrs old and about ten weeks pregnant. I just went to my first OB appointment was told I need to go to a genetic testing appointment. Because of my age, I’m considered high risk. Is it a big deal? I’m kinda freaking out. Like what if they do find something wrong. Do I even want to know right now if something is wrong? TIA


I personally would not do it. I have seen plenty of stories of the results being wrong anyways.

It is better to know. I was 20 when I had my 2nd child and the Dr suggested testing because they saw something odd in an ultrasound. The testing came back negative for what they were nervous of (trisomy 13 its not common BUT for some reason it’s seen in children of women who are either younger or older mothers). Because that was ruled out my DR and a specialist team were able to prepare for her birth and her specific needs, since she was going to be bron with a birth defect that would be repairable with surgery at 4 days old.

This is entirely up to you really. If they have yet to find anything I wouldn’t go out of my way to get it done. I’d wait until you’ve at least had your first scan and see what they say. At my 12 wk scan they measure the fluid at the back of baby’s neck and I was high risk for Down syndrome but I was a 1 in 36 chance of baby having it. They did regular growth scans and offered an amniocentesis but her growth scans weren’t real cause for concern until they found out she had a cleft lip then I had the amniocentesis and she was all clear for downs. I was 24 when I was pregnant and gave birth when I was 25. I would leave it for now and wait until there’s genuine reason to do it otherwise your just going to strew unnecessarily.

The NHS do genetic testing as a routine to test for Down syndrome, ms etc regardless of age, it’s a good indicator and will probably help put your mind at ease. I also found out at my 20 week scan that my youngest had a cleft lip. Just educate yourself but try not to scare yourself x

I am 27 and did genetic testing. It was only to prepare myself. I wasn’t getting rid of my baby regardless. Something did come up. I’m a carrier of two things. At first I worried but now I feel like I can handle it.

Think about it love what will it change? Will it change the way you love your child? Of course not. I say whatever happens let it happen naturally. But it’s totally up to you. It’s your choice!

I got it done while I was pregnant with my daughter this past year. It was a terrifying experience to be honest. The results stated that I held the CF gene so they tested my husband. Turns out, so did he. So we have to do additional testing on her. All of it was done via blood because I didn’t want to take any risks with having them do it via amniotic fluid. However, from beginning to end was about a month worth of worrying and the word “abortion” was thrown around waaaaayyy too much for my comfort level. Turns out she was fine and it was all undue stress. However, if she would have been sick - it would have helped me prepare and study. Also, I now know she is a carrier of the gene and can tell her that if she plans on starting a family one day. There are pro’s and con’s. But be prepared either way.

I personally would want to know so I could do as much research as possible and make sure I’m prepared for anything. But that’s just me. I don’t like surprises. I like to be prepared.

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Should I get genetic testing done?

Would you abort if you got news that there is a defect? If not, why go?


It’s just a precaution. It’s all through a blood test so no big deal. I just chose not to do the amniocentesis since that is a needle that they put in and can cause issues. Why not just check.

I went through the same thing. I was almost 39. I thought I was going through the change. I had dental surgery a week before I found out I was pregnant. Yes I did get the genetic testing done. It gave me peace of mind and had something been wrong with our baby it would have prepared us for that. I highly suggest you get the test done. Good luck


You can sat no to genetic testing

My doctor said to me “if there is something medically or physically wrong with your child would you do an abortion?” I said “No!” She said “Then there is no reason to do one” :woman_shrugging:


Nope not if you don’t want to. I didn’t. I had babies at 36 and 41 I wouldn’t have had an abortion so what was the use. Now after the ultrasound if something crazy showed up I might have considered it but I didn’t want anything invasive

Totally up to you and your beliefs or feelings. Some people like to be prepared for anything and get mentally ready for the future.

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I didn’t do it. I knew that it wouldn’t change how I felt about my baby or that I would want to carry my baby. I knew it would cause too much stress if something was wrong

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I didn’t do a test and they recommended it at 29 and 31 years old. It’s standard that they ask to do the testing.

I guess if you’re going to keep baby regardless, taking the test and finding something would give you time to do research and prepare for the best.

If you were to have an abortion based on the results, that’s also your choice and you’d have the test to help you make that decision as well.

If your insurance will cover it I would just do it.

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I am almost 36 and due the end of august. They told me the same thing. It’s more of a precaution I think to make sure everything is good with baby. For me, if there would have been something wrong it wouldn’t have made any difference because she would still be my daughter no matter what. Thankfully after a lot of worry results came back all good. At the beginning that’s all I heard was negative things about being pregnant at my age but it’s going just as smooth as my other two but just with a lot more aches and exhaustion.

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