Should I get married or move on?

They never change. I promise😩

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Leave. I know that’s easier said than done. But even a guy who keeps showing other women attention by liking and loving their photos, yet not the girl he is in a relationship with, is seeking attention and needs more than one woman to make himself happy. Especially calling her and talking to her. He is a manipulator and he won change. Save yourself the wasted years, get the hurt over with one more final time, and never look back.


Nope nope nope. Run and don’t look back

Leave. It will continue. It’s already happened multiple times.

If you question it then it’s not for you.

Move on babes. It won’t stop

If you have to question it, you already know and are just looking for validation. Whatever you do, be happy.

Move on u deserve more

Move on! Obviously. Ask your self this. Why are his intentions? I mean really. Do you talk with a ex?? How does he feels about it?

Don’t marry him it will most likely never change !

You already have the answer. Move on hun.

No trust, no relationship. Move on.

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Um no, get as far away as possible and don’t look back! You and your kid deserve better!

The fact that you’re asking in the first place is your answer.

Smh!! Don’t see the reason to ask for advise when you’ve gone back once already knowing what’s been done to you! Know your self worth! Until then no advise anyone gives you will help you!

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You know the answer. What advice would you give your child or friend if they were in this situation?

Trust me dont walk away …Run …cause it will most likely happen again

I read the first sentence and made my decision. Move on girl. He’s no good.

No, he isn’t a keeper. Do you want your child to think this is how women should be treated?

Sounds like you already know the answer.