Should I go for custody of my siblings?

I have been living in Colorado for over a year with my husband and five years old. In April, I went to go pick up my three siblings from my mother, who is two, almost three states away because she lost her house that she had. She said it would be temporary. However, it is November now, and she stopped being able to give me money in September. And recently in that past week lost communication with us. I have been doing everything I can for them. She’s out there with her new husband, who’s the same age as me and is in and out of jail. And on drugs. So my question is, should I grant custody? I already went to the county building to get cash aide, and they automatically will put her on Child support. I talked to my husband. He doesn’t mind. But I’m so conflicted.


If you are already doing all the work to raise them, then you might as well. Your mother sounds unreliable and isn’t making the best decisions.


Do it. Save your siblings.

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It is a lifelong decision

I would seems like they are better off and safer and more stable with you

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At the very least, go for guardianship

File for emergency custody


Save your siblings from her.

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Save them. They deserve it.


Most definitely go get custody. Ur already taking care of them. Provide them a stable home. Im fighting for custody of my 15yr old brother unfortunately he is in foster care 800+ mi away from me right now

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If you have had them for awhile now and your mom can’t get her sh*t together save your siblings. Then you know they will be safe instead of wondering if they are.

If I was personally in your position. I would. And I wouldn’t hesitate. Those kids need someone to stand up for them. It seems evident that your mother will not be that person. I would go for full custody


Sounds like they need you to be in a stable environment. Your mother seems to have issues and not able to care for them. My answer would be yes. It may be the only way they all stay together.If you can’t keep them you can still be involved in their lives. Doesn’t sound like mom should have them. Best wishes.Ask for help when you need it. God Bless you and your husband. .

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Bless you for taking your siblings, hopefully your mom will one day come to senses.
But for now they have you that is wonderful.

I would but please, coming from the same type of situation, PLEASE put them in counseling, play therapy, something.

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If you’re already taking care of them and you feel they would be safer and better taken care of with you then by all means do it. Go for emergency custody for abandonment and go from there. Sending love and light from Colorado myself


I would they’ve already been staying with you and your husband is ok with it at least they’d be with family with you .

Absolutely… so she cant come take live that life. Around drugs and stuff. They need stability.

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If you dont they may end up in foster care and its harder to get them back once that happens.

I would defiantly go for custody.