Should I go on vacation?

I am from NY and was offered a week vacation in Daytona, Florida, the 1st week of March. I have a 2-year-old son, both of us healthy. I keep going back and forth with my decision due to COVID. My question is, should we take the offer and spend a week away in a house, just have to pay for flights there and back, or pass up the opportunity due to COVID?


I probably wouldn’t travel internationally right now, but domestic, I would definitely do it.

I’d go. I’d drive too but i don’t like the confinement of airplanes lol

Honestly, I would totally go for it. Just follow whatever rules the town/airport have in place and make sure to have plenty of fun!

I wouldn’t travel from one hotspot to another. Seems irresponsible and unnecessary if it’s just for a vacation.


No matter where you go you face the risk of catching it. Keep things clean follow six feet and enjoy time with your kid

We just went on a vacation and it was the absolute best thing for our little family and our mental health. Covid isn’t going anywhere, as long as you’re safe, cautious, and following all guidelines i say go for it! we have a 3 year old and we did make him wear his mask when in public places and constantly wash hands and use sanitizer


If its meant for you to catch it, youre gonna catch it. 🤷 People who haven’t gone Anywhere and followed all ‘protocols’ have gotten it. Take precautions, but live your life.


Go I live on the west coast of Florida Its great here :smiley:

I would go. You can take the proper precautions needed, and you and your son will have a blast!


Go! At this point you are either going to catch covid or not catch it.

I live in NY going to FL next week

Yes, go! I’m going to Hawaii in May…life can’t stop because of Covid!

As someone who lives in Florida, mask policies and such are being “enforced” (as much as they can be, people will do what they want anyways). I have been safe and washed my hands and used sanitizer, social distanced etc and still got it anyways. If you’re going to get it, might as well get it while having a good time in a new place!


Depends on how bad you need a vacation ?

I live about 2 and a half hours south of Daytona and I’m gonna tell you it’s awesome to live where most vacation. Anywhere you go you have the chance to catch it. Don’t live your life in fear!!! I say go!!


Go girl! Faith not Fear

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if you feel comfortable do it if dont feel comfortable dont do it .do whats best for you.

You may not get this kind of opportunity again I would take it


Go! Just be smart and safe about it.