Should I have another c-section or a VBAC?

 I am trying to decide if I should have another c section or try for a Vbac. My firstborn was a C section after 30 hours of labor. She was face up and got stuck. At 35 weeks, I just found out my 2nd is also face up. My Dr. is fine with my trying even with her position as she can still turn facedown during labor. I just want to know if any other moms had a similar situation or had a Vbac. Are you glad you did, or did you regret it? My husband and I are giving ourselves a week to think it over before we make a decision. Our ultrasound to see how big she is will be next week also. TIA.


Girl i would try natural first


In my opinion a vaginal birth is better. My first was a c section. For my second I tried to have her vaginally but, it didn’t happen. I say try but, make sure you are well monitored. Good luck!

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My last guy was face up and stuck … they vacced him for like maybe 2 minutes boom he was out… after hours of me saying i cant do this on my own like i need help … i was right … 2 pushes and it was done

I opted for a second c-section. I figured I’d stick with what I knew! :woman_shrugging:t2:


I had 1 vag 1 emergency c and then 2 scheduled c sections. I loved knowing when everything was going to happen. I knew what to expect and when it would happen. I 100% say c section

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I had an emergency c with my first who was sunny side up and stuck…went on 2 have 2 successful VBACS. Always try for the vbac much easier in you and the child much healthier and if they NEED to they can c section you but if you schedule a c section you’ll never have a natural child birth for sure


My 3rd and 4th were face up VCAC’s. They both turned over in time. My first was face up and delivered face up vaginally but had to be suctioned out.

My little guy was face up and they got him turned before I started pushing. My 2 before were normal births though they turned at 39 weeks so I didnt have to have a c section prior. Whatever is going to make you feel more at ease going into it! Its your birth experience not anybody else’s :crossed_fingers:

I had my son vaginal took like 36 hours and my daughter vaginal after only 5 hours. My daughter in law had 4 c sections doctor tell her since she had c section she had to keep having c sections and she wanted so bad to see what it was like vaginal. I think vaginal is better every one should experience it at least 1 time

I had 2 vbacs after my emergency c-section. For me it was the best decision. It took months for me to heal, and not be in pain after my c-section, but after my vbacs I was pretty much healed and pain free within a little over a week at most.

In the end, you need to make the choice that’s best for you, and baby. Good luck! :slightly_smiling_face:

Wait until you go into labor. You don’t have to schedule it. If you go in and baby is face up tell them to cut you

My sister had a horrible experience with vbac it literally pulled her insides out with the baby. She couldn’t walk or sit up for about week and was in a lot of pain. Everyone’s experience is different tho. Good luck!

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I choose a second c section because I knew what the process was and it was quick painful but quick I’m due December 23 with my third and final baby and I will be having another c section

Trust your gut and do what u feel most comfortable. I opted for a second csection and the dr told me he was glad I did because my uterus was so thin it would’ve ruptured during birth

I had my 4th child via VBAC and I’m so glad I tried and accomplished. With my 3 previous deliveries 2 of them I labored for 30+ hours and the 3rd was a scheduled c-section at 38 weeks resulting in my daughter being born with RDS, Respiratory Distress Syndrome. After that happened, I asked my ob-gyn about trying for a VBAC with what would be my last pregnancy and we agreed that I would labor for 10 hours and if nothing happened it would be a repeat c-section
Well, 9 hours and 49 minutes later I welcomed a 10 lbs. 6 oz healthy boy


Same here. Did vbac twice. Second labor was about 5 hours, third was less than 2! Much easier recoveries for natural deliveries.

Tried Vbac for hours until his heart rate dropped too low and cord got caught around his neck, had to have 2nd emergency c section.

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I ammm soooo happy I had my vbac in may…same exact situation with my 1st baby was in labor for over 60 hours and she flipped and was in distress so had emergency c-section. I had my son in May and he was actually sunny side up as well but he came right out. It was so amazing and not as painful. My c-section was horrible.

There’s no shame in multiple csections, all that matters is a healthy babe and mama! I had two csections and I’m about a week and a half away from my third one. I was given the option for a vbac this time but decided to stick with another csection. Congratulations!

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