Should I have to ask my husband for simple things?

Am I ridiculous?? I got a new car yesterday, and my SO went with me this morning to pick it up… Before leaving to pick it up, the wipers were stuck on our other car and because of snow and ice, and I said to him, “the wipers are stuck” he then responds saying “If you need my help, why don’t you just ask?” He then fixes the wipers, and we go pick up the other car… when we get there, the same scenario with this car… wipers are stuck, and the windshield is covered in ice… I let him know that it’s gonna take a while for the windshield to defrost, and he says, “Is there something you wanna ask me?” So I said no and told him he could take the other car home… I feel like as my man; I shouldn’t have to ask him to clean my car off!! As a man, you see, it needs to be done, so why do I have to ask for your help?? What’s next, I’m gonna have to ask you if you can put salt down at OUR house and shovel OUR car out!!! Am I wrong?? Do you ladies have to “ask” your man to do these things??


I wipe my own vehicle off. if its something I’m not able I ask for help. but if they don’t know you can’t expect hubby to know


How long have you been married


Geez. Just ask him if he could do it, if you aren’t going to do it yourself.

Communication. People aren’t mind readers.


How is he supposed to know what you want unless you say something? Closed mouths don’t get fed


No a real man knows exactly what to do. Sounds like he may be jealous…idk… I have a good man and never ask for anything. Took me a 23 year broken marriage to find him . But ya hes pretty perfect . More so than that. You shouldn’t have to ask…


I wipe my own car off. I don’t expect my husband to know what I want. I ask him to do stuff and he asks me. When it’s done I tell him thank you. Men aren’t mind readers.


You are have two arms and two legs dont you ?


Men aren’t mind readers. I have had this same discussion with my husband many times. I find it keeps so much peace when I ask directly for what I need. For example, I get really cold in the mornings so I ask my husband every morning to turn off the fan in the room. Now most mornings it is already done. It’s takes time for them to know exactly what you need.


I quit driving in March when the world shut down so yea, I now expect my husband to clean the car off…before 2020, I did that myself, because, well, I’m not helpless

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Uh… Do it yourself? :thinking:


You do gotta ask him for help if you arent willing to help yourself… But, the “is there something you wanna ask me?”. Gtfo my car😜. Now youll feel bad to ask for help


Um well it’s polite to ask… And two… Your grown ass woman… What did you do before you got with him? Like uhhhhh ?

Sadly, men are not mind readers. :pensive:

My husband is always telling me how he isn’t a mind reader. I expect him to just know things because I do sometimes and then I realize how silly that is.

You’re saying you dont think you should have to do “mans work”


I’m sorry I guess I’m a little confused? Why can’t you clean your own car off? Or why can’t you just say “hey baby, can you clean the car off before we go”. You kinda sound like a spoiled a** b*tch no offense of anything, but come on.

Sorry but he is an asshat! Any gentleman would not treat you like that. I couldn’t deal with a guy like that. He has way too much attitude and you shouldn’t need to spell out the obvious to him!! Good luck if you stay and can put up with that.

Why can’t you do it yourself??? Jesus! Can you say entitled?!?!


Women up and do it yourself jeez