Should I have to ask my husband for simple things?

Ummm. I don’t expect my man to just do things because I want him to. If he sees me get out and do it he comes and helps me or takes over. And if I really don’t want to I respectfully ask him. We are partners, he’s not my personal car slave. Just like I’m not his house slave, if I need help I ask or if he sees something that needs to be done he does it or asks me what to do w it. COMMUNICATION is key! If you’re getting mad about anything it should be the assumption he’s responsible and your inability to communicate what you want of him.


If you want him to do it just ask? Or do it yourself? I don’t drive anymore but when I did I cleaned off my car, pumped my own gas and even changed my own tire when it went flat (he wasn’t happy with that last one though lol)
You have to communicate.

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I’d ask you if he was this way when you were dating…if so you knew what you were getting :woman_shrugging: why complain now that you are married. IDK how long you’ve been together but it takes time and honest communication to build roles and expectations in a relationship. It took my husband and I years to have a comfortable flow of who does this or that and now (20+ years later) we usually know what the other needs and pitch in without being asked but when life happens as it tends to do verbal conversations about help is healthy and necessary. His responses seem rude from your post BUT is that who he is and was he joking? My husband uses sarcasm and gives me a little crap when I ask for something but I know he means yes I’ll help that’s just his way. I don’t think in all our years he’s ever just said “yes babe” lol and at this point I’d think he was sick or not well if he didn’t give me a bit of crap because that’s him. My advice talk to him about this as that’s where you’ll come to an agreement not here.

Nope. My husband just does these things. He knows, and I know, I could do these things but he chooses to make my life easier - just like I do things for him to make his life easier.


Do it yourself. Don’t depend on your man to do such simple tasks lol :woman_facepalming:t2::woman_shrugging:t2: is there a reason you’re incapable of doing it?


My man is a good man and never makes me ask? That’s the strangest thing I’ve heard. Men are supposed to do the hard work for their families.


All I’m saying is my husband doesn’t have to ask me to wash his clothes or clean his house or cook his meals… :grimacing: everyone saying “you have two hands” but none of you know how much this woman could already be doing for her man.


I would just do it myself, if it was a two person job than yeah I would ask for help.

You hands ain’t broke


Sounds like a jackass lmao my bf cleans my windshield without being asked, he knows I’m capable but doesn’t let me

Mine does things for me but I do for him too…he was up early and shoveled…shoveled me a path…on the grass I might add…to my car door. In turn, I cleaned his car off for him so it didn’t ice over and him have to do it in the morning. …give and take.


Mine doesn’t do shit unless told directly. For me or anyone.

Jeez some people are rude as hell.
Mine personally just does that kinda stuff, I dont have to mention it… cz yeah he is the man lol and he knows I’ll be cranky if I do (I hate the cold lol) and in general all the outdoor and car stuff his his “responsibility” while mine is the indoor stuff.
I dont generally have to ask him to do those kinds of things and video versa as long as neither of us have an attitude a general statement like the wipers are stuck, wouldnt be the biggest deal.
Only chore we fight over is trash haha no one wants to do it🤣
Is this a constant occurrence with your SO, or just a bad morning?

Umm I can clean my car off and don’t need my husband to do it for me. My husband plows thw drive way and sometimes gets car out with out me. But we are a team and I help get the trucks out and shoveling when he’s not home. Don’t be lazy


I do it myself unless it’s something I need help with. I don’t like admitting I need help. :sweat_smile:
Plus he is sooo tired when he gets home, 4-6, 6 days a week, most of the time. I try and let him rest and not bother him with petty shit. I used to live in the snow in Reno, even then, I dug my own car out, defrosted my own windshield and cleaned it with my cute lil pink camouflage ice scraper. Haha
For real though, if you’re totally capable of doing it yourself then why not?

Don’t expect anything from anyone that you wouldn’t or aren’t capable to do yourself. If you can’t ask, don’t expect. That being said, I’m learning to express what i would like to receive. It’s hard, but the worst thing someone can do is say no and you’re no less off then you were when you asked


It’s called doing it yourself if you’re too prideful to ask for help.


If he’s willing and only requires you to ask… just ask.

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You BOTH sound very immature. He obviously knows you are wanting the help and wants to hear you say it. Sounds like a narcissist. Your hands are not broke you just sound lazy and sound like you don’t want to “get your hands dirty” 🤷


well be glad he does anything to help you at all because there’s a lot of men who don’t do anything to help their wives and at least he wants to help you just want you to ask for help I don’t think that’s too much

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