Should I invite my ex to our childs party?

I have a question. My ex and I split up a few years ago due to him cheating. I started dating a new guy a year ago, and we moved in together quickly and got close pretty quickly. My ex and I are still friends due to the fact that we share a child together. Next weekend is our baby’s 3rd birthday, and I really want to invite my ex to the party so our child can see us happy and together but my current boyfriend has an issue with it. What should I do?


If you are friendly then yes

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Tell your boyfriend to get over himself. Its not about him its about your child


I invite my ex to all my kids birthday parties


We do co party’s for my little - it’s about the kid not you


Tell him that your child has a right to see his child regardless of his jealously


Invite him. Coparenting peacefully should always be top priority


We’ve always done 2 separate parties but that’s just what works for us. It should be up to you and your ex not bf though


Invite the ex anyways. If you and ypur ex still have a good friendship of course. Why potienally cause bad blood because of your bf’s petty feelings


Yes as a mother of a 33 year old. Her dad and I celebrated together. His parents were adamant that I come to their house. It is not about the adults but the kiddos. Tell your so that


Invite him. You have a child together so a birthday party isn’t the last thing you’ll both be involved in together. Boyfriends going to have to understand that and if he doesn’t then dating a woman with a child is not for him. The coparenting relationship is the most important in my opinion.


Your child comes first it’s called co parenting… Tell him to get over himself


Baby comes first. Boyfriend has to deal with it or go.


Yes, if you are on talking terms there’s no reason why you can’t co-parent for the children’s sake. My ex and I are the same- I’ve since remarried & am due to have a baby within 2 weeks. We make it work & get along for our children:)
Your current bf shouldn’t have an issue with it & if he does explain to him why it is important to you

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It’s not about your boyfriend. It’s about your child. I’m a step mom and I’m the first one to invite his mother because I want him to have all the people that love him nearby. If he doesnt see it that way hes being selfish and you need to remind him your priority is the child


It’s about what is best for the child. If you guys are on good terms, then follow your gut


Invite him anyways. It’s the kids dad and if you 2 are on good terms you should both get to be there.

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Since my ex and I broke up we both host our own bday parties for our son… is he not having a party for your child at all then I’d invite him but idk we started holding all our own family and friend events/holidays were not together anymore so Christmas isn’t celebrated together nothing anymore it’s hard but I think easier for anyone else involved

I don’t see a problem with you inviting him to it. My husband has two kids from a previous marriage and r we always do bday parties together!

Your boyfriend should not get a say in this issue this is your child’s father who deserves to be there and I’m guessing who your child would want to be there this isn’t about your new boyfriend or his feelings it’s about your CHILD