Should I keep my son home from school again?

My son has a wart on the top of his big toe, I took him to the doctor on Thursday for it, and they froze it, but he can’t wear shoes as it is still blistering up. So long story short he missed school Thursday because of it, didn’t have school Friday but has school tomorrow, the problem is he can’t wear any shoes (including house shoes) because they rub and it hurts. My question is, would you keep him home or send him to school (letting them know why he can’t wear a shoe on that foot)?


Depends what grade. I would send if hes past kinder. My son has one on his foot as well but is able to wear shoes . We were told to keep it duct taped and wrapped. It’s been a few weeks of this which is why I didnt let him stay home. Maybe they will allow him to wear open toed sandals to accommodate him.

I would take my kid to school show them the issue and ask them for advice. My kids school has always accommodated mine. As in I explained the issue to them and got approved for distance learning so they could still participate in their classes and not fall behind, but remain at home until they healed. They set us up with online access to their classes.


Well I have to say walking is painful when it hurts. I bet the Dr. would give you an excuse if needed or as Kirsty says, maybe an opentoe?

Sandals. Open toe. Warts are a fungus and may need more treatment. What if he smashed a toe? Get a medical foot boot!

Get a doctors note and send him in flip flops or cut the toe out of his tennis shoes


How old is your boy? If he’s in a higher grade, send him to school wearing a flip flop, if younger , keep him home

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KEEP HIM HOME. Ask the school if there is work he can do at home.

The teacher in me says send him with a note. The momma says “keep that baby home” 🤷 :purple_heart:


Have you tried some kind of sandals or try wrapping it up with gauze and tape

What’s the Drs orders,I send him anywayl.

Open toe slippers/sliders
Send him in x

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My mom padded my brothers toe and sent him the day after

Keep him home and ask for his assignments. Don’t torture your child.

Make sure he has a doc note it does count against u if not.

Try putting bandaid on it. Might keep from rubbing.

An old sneaker u could cut the top of toe out of and have him wear a light sock?

The doctor will give him a note

He will have to wear something to go try open toe slippers

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Maybe he could wear clogs with socks - some clogs do not hit the toes and the dark socks would make him less of a target! Also include a note to the teachers so they understand the situation…if the foot is still painful after this you should check back with the dr - could be an infection!