Should i keep pushing for my daughter to have a relationship with her brothers?

Okay short side of the story is I have a seven-year-old daughter, and about two years ago, her real father completely left her life. He and his now ex-wife have two boys together whom of which my daughter has both met and been with them for both of their births, and she has not seen them. She’s starting to act out, and I think I might be a little bipolar, which is just something that runs in our family, but I think a little of it has to do with him being gone now. I reach out to her ex stepmother and try to set up something to get the kids together. Unfortunately, we are states away from each other, so it is hard. But sometimes I just don’t hear from her when we try to make plans for months, and I’m just wondering do I keep trying to make sure my daughter has a relationship with her two other brothers? Or do I just let it go? Please, no bashing. I don’t want to explain more than I have to; I just want to know to see what others would do.


Ask the child how she feels about it all maybe

Just let it go! I have tried too in the past and it doesn’t get anywhere! They will find each other when they are older.


Get her counseling. Forget her brothers. You don’t have rights to them.

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Can she at least face time with them. And if they aren’t trying to respond to make it happen leave it alone. And get her into counseling so she get get some help and vent to someone.

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She’s 7. It’s not bipolar. She’s struggling. My daughter is the same age. She has a little sister but her dad is so unbelievably toxic and I’ve been trying for years for them to have some sort of relationship but they use the little girl the dad and her stepmom as a way to get to me and get to Georgia and then they started making excuses on why they couldn’t pick Georgia up and blah blah blah so I just stopped. When her and the child get older and can do more of what they please then it might be different

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leave it alone and take care of your daughter


I would ask her what she wants. Does she want to have a relationship with these brothers or does it not matter to her? Then let that guide your decision. Also get her into counseling. She has a lot going on and I doubt she’s bipolar. It’s more likely she is having a hard time coping with her father disappearing.

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Keep going, don’t look back

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Soo my baby daddy has 3 girls with his ex wife and now 2 kids with me all while they were separated, happened very fast. Its up to HIM if he wants them all to have a connection of some sort as i wont bother because the ex wife likes to make my life harder by bullying and false restraining orders to keep me away and be spiteful.

My daughter is 2 and is all about her sister’s and will act out when it’s time to say goodbye that part is normal 100% and i even have bipolar :joy:

I stepped back for my own sake and for my mental health and now those other 3 kids aren’t my problem at all, if my daughter has a relationship with them or not it doesn’t matter and if it did thats on their father.

Me personally would rather hide my daughter from her father’s mess but i can’t be that person sadly :cry: i wish my girl didn’t have to fight for her father’s love and attention and always be the odd one out :sob: but they will watch and see as they grow and can make up their own minds in good time !!!

I would maybe try doing video calls for them but I still have yet to do a video chat with my 2 girls half brother who lives in England

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Leave it alone. Period. Not your children. Her dad isn’t involved she can later. Period.

Personally I’d keep trying. Even if it’s to facetime her brothers

If their father doesn’t see them & the boys mom isn’t open to keeping a relationship there isn’t much you can do. I’m assuming she knows how to contact you. You’ve made it clear that you’re open to relationship. It’s in her hands now. Don’t chase them.

Bipolar doesn’t develop at 7 lol it develops during adolescence or puberty. Don’t self diagnose because being bipolar is a very serious mental illness and needs treatment.

She’s 7. She’s struggling. She probably doesn’t understand the depth of developing and maintaining relationships like adults do. Try video calling or even having her draw some pictures to send in the mail.

I think it depends how important it is to you and your child, Ask her. I believe family is important. I Didn’t grow up around alot of mine. It’s just me and my sisters. And we are close. I want more family in there life. My kids father has 7 other kids with other women and I encourage them to have a relationship with them. I wouldn’t force them but I want them to know there other brothers and sisters. Even tho I cant stand him.

Have her FaceTime them and maybe send gifts or cards around the holidays. Then when they get older they know who eachother are and you know you did your best to keep them in eachothers lives.

Way to go momma! I see you believe in family. I commend you for that.

I would video call them and have her draw pictures and send it to them via mail. It would help her express herself and would also feel like a fun actitivity for her to do.

Since you stay far… can, she can visit her father and her step brothers once a while then calls are also good it also shows she cares.