Should I let my 6 month old get the flu shot?

My child will be six months soon, and my question is should I let him get the flu shot. I stopped getting the flu shot years ago because I only got sick, very sick, after getting it. Never gotten sick after I stopped getting up but very concerned for him, I do not want him to be miserable.


I thought it was a year old?
But i could be wrong.
But yes.
My daughter got her flu shot every year since she was 1.
If she even got sick during flu season it was she threw up once or twice with a low grade fever and then she was down for maybe half a day and was back up again.
BUT that’s completely up to you.

EVERY KID IS DIFFERENT! one child may not have side effects and the other may get incredibly sick and have extremely horrible side effects. The chance and risk is up to you. I stopped shots at 6months for my 1st daughter, she had a bad reaction and even her pediatrician fully believed it was due to the shots…she dulled out within 1hr of her shot, and just went blank for awhile then cried for hours and hours. 2 days later she developed a serious rash from scalp to toe, the ER said strep rash but the test came back negative. Pediatrician said she’s seen it in MANY children after 2 days after shots. I wasn’t taking anymore chances with her life.


Fun fact, the spanish flu from 1918 is still one of the strains of flu around today! I always get a flu shot as do my kids. My mother in law was a practice nurse and gave thousands of flu jabs and seen people die of flu from not getting a jab. Not worth risking not having it IMO.


Do what you think is best, my sister doesn’t get flu shots for her kids cause they all end up sick every year when they do, I went ahead and got mine so my newborn could get all the antibodies she could get for this winter since she came 10 weeks early. To each their own.


No one in my family gets the flu vaccine. They never have them at our drs office and we never go to drug stores for anything so we always end up skipping it. But to each their own!

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5 kids here. Never have gotten the flu shot for any of them… My kids are 10, 6, 5, 3 and 19m. Healthy as can be. Only thing they have ever gotten are coughs/stuffy/runny noses-seemily seasonal stuff… Do what feels best for you and yours. Always.

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My daughter got one at 6 months. I skipped the year after and she got super sick with and without it. Shes 3 now and baby 2 on the way so well be getting it in attempt to keep him safe. I work in healthcare so i was always required to get it. My nephew almost died at 4 days old because of the flu. If i can prevent it I’m going to try. You do what you feel is best though Ultimately youre never going to hear a strong opinion on one side or the other. Form your own opinion and remember no matter what you choose you chose what you felt was best for your child


My daughter has received one for the last 12 years… I will gladly give her one every year! There was actually 1 year she did not get the shot and we were in the er 5 times as my daughter ended up with the flu that many times and 1 time almost killed her. So, yes, I would personally give my child one. I am due in Feb with another child and believe me, she will get her immunizations as well! Someone who didn’t want to vaccinate their child almost killed my daughter when she was 13 months old and her step sister was at school with someone who’s parents refused to give vaccines and my daughter ended up getting whooping cough and in hospital for weeks even though she had her vaccines up to her age.

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Never gotten it, neve made any of my kids get it, never well.
I’ve seen some of the worst side effects of it and refuse to do it.
Just research it, talk with babies dr and go with your gut

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My baby got it at 6 months. Never had any issues with it.
Dr said whatever is needed for my baby to be safe and I agreed so we got the shot. And we’ll get the next one at 7 months.

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If you wont get it for yourself why would you make him get it?Unless his immune system would be compromised more without it,id leave it alone if he has been healthy up to now.

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I can’t get them cause I get really really sick and I honestly never did give them to my kids afraid that they will get the same reaction I do

I used to get sick too, but last year my dr said they changed up the flu vaccine. Last year was the first time I didn’t get sick.

My daughter got her flu shot and nothing happened to her she never got sick… But it’s up to you

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Yup! The flu is dangerous enough, but especially for little ones.

No!! My family of 5 never get it. We don’t get sick like others I know that do get it

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Absolutely get him vaccinated

My daughter got her first one at 6 or 7 months old. She’s had it every year with no problems.

Talk to your pediatrician about your concerns. I never used to get the flu shot myself, but my daughter was born during flu season and had to be in the NICU. We were asked to get out flu shots in order to be there with her, which we complied. Since then, I have consulted with my doctor regarding giving my daughter the flu shot. My daughter did, in fact, get influenza A last year after receiving the flu shot BUT her symptoms were not severe. The flu shot will not completely prevent the flu but it can lessen symptoms. Especially if your little one goes to daycare, it would be something to think about.