Should I let my 6 month old get the flu shot?

My child will be six months soon, and my question is should I let him get the flu shot. I stopped getting the flu shot years ago because I only got sick, very sick, after getting it. Never gotten sick after I stopped getting up but very concerned for him, I do not want him to be miserable.


My daughter has always gotten her flu vaccination from very young, shes 3 now and has been fine everytime. I’d rather her be ‘off’ for a few days than have the proper flu and have to watch her suffer knowing I could have prevented that. If you get it this time and your little one has a bad reaction then you will know in future not to give him it as it affects him badly.

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You do not get sick from the flu shot. Impossible. If you really got sick you were exposed before the vaccine could be effective. My daughter undergoing chemo (and unable to get her shot) got the flu from a coworker and got sick. She ended up in the icu for a week and nearly died. I always get my shots but a few years I got the flu. The ER doctor told me told me I might not have made it without the vaccine. Very important for yourself, your family and others.


i didn’t start getting the flu shot until i was pregnant (i think?) and my son has gotten one every year he was able to. we’ve never been sick.

My kids didn’t and still don’t go to daycare so at 6 months I never had them get it. I had them get it starting at age 2 cause I stay he with them. If your kid isn’t going to daycare then I wouldn’t have baby get it. Especially if you’re planning on social distancing because of this virus, it’s in my opinion unnecessary

Children aged 6-23 months are 3 times more likely to die from flu related complications. Severe reactions to the vaccine are very rare. Mild fever and fussiness are common for a day or two. In my opinion (and the opinion of most medical professionals) the benefits of the shot greatly outweigh the risks.

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I’ve seen what’s it like with and without the flu shot. The reason you get sick is generally a hyperactive immunoresponse. Its a good thing unless you are allergic but that’s typically rash etc. However, just because you have a reaction does not mean anyone else in your family will. These are uncertain times, but providing this protection will reduce the chances of her having a bad case that turns into pneumonia or another secondary infection and reduce fears. The flu doesn’t kill but the secondary infections do. I get sick too but I still do it every year because people don’t care about others and will cough in your face or your childs. We’re faced with a very uncertain situation now, and allowing ourselves some security is ok. You’ll be nervous but its so much better than the situations I have seen over 20 years of emergency medicine where the child gets very sick. I cringe when people say I never got the flu, but life has a funny way of making nevers end. Most importantly, you know the science and importance if it, or you wouldn’t be on here asking for advice. Its ok to be nervous. You have to live with your decisions as a mother, so you do what you feel is best.
Ive seen a lot, my kids got theirs.

Yes! Just because you had a reaction doesnt mean baby will. Also. The shot contains an inactive virus if that makes you feel better. I would talk to.your pediatrician to get informed about the shot before you make a decision. Ultimately its up to you but my advice would always be yes unless immunocompromised :blue_heart: best of luck to ya

I have twins that are 2 yrs old. This is the first year we are getting them their flu shot. I didnt have a reason not to last year and it was a horrible flu season for them. Its really hard to watch your children with the flu. One gets it, the other is not far behind. This year we are all getting our flu shots.

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You’re not going to get any clarity asking the public. Everyone has their own feelings about it. I don’t do it for my own reasons. Do your research. They do have one with no preservatives that they don’t tell you about just so you know. If I was going to do it I’d do that one.

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It honestly depends on if the child goes to daycare. My kids do not, so they don’t get one.


Here in UK they don’t get offered it until they’re 2 years old. My 3 year old had it then got sent home from nursery for a covid test as apparently she was showing symptoms although she was totally fine and the test was negative but my a year old doesn’t get offered the flu shot until next year x

I’ve also had bad reactions to the flue shot haven’t had it in years but when my son turned 6 months he started getting it he’s about to have his third one in a couple weeks and he’s been fine ever year and has never gotten sick from it

I wouldn’t have considered it and I have a ex 33 weeker and since had pneumonia in hospital along with other chest issues but over here it’s 3. It’s been delayed due to now under its done at school but due to history was allowed outside of the setting.

Its realy something you need to talk to your doctor about some doctors wont give it a child thats under a certain age. But with everything else going on it may not be a bad idea

I normally do not get one but I still make my kids get one and have ever since they have been old enough. Just because you get sick from it doesn’t always mean anything. kids are germ magnets they will get sick so why not help prevent it but like others have said your kid your decision.

I stopped getting them a few years ago cause I always got sick and had my kids get them until I noticed the same now we don’t. N we’ve been fine. Everyone is diff tho

my kids have never had a flu shot - we are just staying home anyways and i dont like the fact that ANYONE puts pressure on any mom to get flu shots- its up to you :slight_smile:


We say no to the flu shot. None of us have ever gotten one.

The best thing Is talk to ur dr my daughter does not get it the very first time she got it she got very sick and she has not had it since even when she was pregnant she did not get it