Should I let my child's father sister in my life?

The father of my unborn child wants nothing to do with the child. His sister recently found out from a friend that I was pregnant, and now she wants to be involved. I don’t know if I should involve her in its life. ( I’ve never met her before) plus I still have a feeling for the father


I would for sure…as long as she isn’t a harm to the baby or you…the more people in that babies life to love it the better!! :blue_heart::purple_heart:


Okay so if this baby is the niece or nephew of her yes. We break up with boyfriends/girlfriends. But that baby will always have the same auntie. And it takes a village!!! The more love that baby has the better off it will be!


Dont deny your child the opportunity of knowing an awesome aunty… If she does the wrong thing by you, fair enough. But its not her fault you are in this situation. Keep an open mind, you have no reason not to.


Same as my experience before. I wanted to move on with my life and from the feelings that I still have with the babydaddy so I didn’t let anyone of his relative became a part of my journey. It may be selfish at first, but it was what I needed to heal from the heartache and to have peace in mind. But that really depends on your emotional capacity. Either decision is not bad. Just choose what’s best for you.


What does she have to do with you and him? Why would you deny your child a (possibly) amazing aunt cuz you’re bitter at baby daddy? F him! If his family wants to be there, and theyre generally good ppl who can be trusted, then let them…they’re your child’s family too


I’d meet her first. And just ask what her intentions are


Let her but keep it strictly about the kid don’t talk bad about her brother let her until she screws up

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I would. When me and my ex husband split he left their lives completely for a little over 5 years but his sister wanted to be in their lives still so I let her. They were all young (newborn, 1 and 2). So they just knew she was aunt Jackie and didn’t think anything of it or ask any questions.

Yes dad may be an ass but doesn’t mean his family is. Best thing i could’ve done for my now 12 year old daughter. Was let his family in her life. His mom is one of the most amazing women ever.

Take care of YOU first. You dont owe anyone access to you or your unborn baby right now. Focus on you, establish your role as a new mom and when you’re comfortable you can decide.


The more safe adults you have looking out for your child, the better


Make sure to have him sign over his rights to the child immediately. You don’t want him going back and trying to take the child.

Be careful. Never let the kid alone with him or any of his family. You never know, she could kidnap the kid and give it to the dad if he has a change of heart. People are crazy

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It takes a village! Get to know her and if you don’t end up liking her you then that’s that.


I would never keep a family member away that is trying to be a part of their life. She might not be able to have kids and yes it might seem selfish to allow her to see yours but you might just change her life by letting her be an auntie


She may become your biggest ally and show your baby such love from an Aunty. She is family now so I would at least try for your baby’s sake


If they are not toxic then yes!!! Family is important. A aunty for your daughter. And you and her may get on really well.

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As long as she respects you and isn’t causing drama yes absolutely

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From the aunts view…I missed alot of my niece’s and nephews lives, due to issues from both parents, funny as adults the estranged ones have come to me, love family :sparkling_heart:


Yes my sons father isnt in my sons life but his family is more active in his life than my own! I am forever grateful for them and my son adores his aunt and nana to the fullest. Go with your intuition I’m sure they have nothing but good intentions!