Should I let my daughter meet her father again?

My son’s father has been in and out of his life for 7 years. I still let him go because the way that I look at it is, it’s his dad and that’s how he sees him. Eventually, my son will learn his dads true colors but that’s for him to learn on his own. And later in life, if he wants to continue a relationship with him, then good. If not, I’ll be here to support him either way. I was very blunt with my son because I believe it takes a more emotional toll on older kids when they learn their step dad isn’t their biological father (IMO). So even though he calls my husband daddy, he knows that he’s not his biological father. And if you decide not to allow him back, eventually she will want to know who her father is and might have anger towards you for keeping him away. Everybody is different but that’s just my opinion.


Which would you rather be… The mother who tried to let a little girl know her Dad. Or the mother that kept him away.

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Let him go through court system. He has to be worthy to see his daughter after abandoning her. bet he has not paid cne cent in child support. The court will set up support payments, supervised visitation and hopefully parenting classes. See if he follows through. Until then, go on with your daily lives. His only contact with you should be through the court.


Contact your lawyer and set up mediation and request supervised visitation, either at your house or a safe neutral space. If he doesn’t want to comply with that then he obviously doesn’t care enough to see her. Make sure you’re doing it the correct way so he can’t say you’re just refusing visitation and try’s to take you to court


yep start out supervised visits for childs safety

Go through the courts. That way everything is documented. Your daughters safety is #1.


Id have him prove himself and go threw mediation again if he had anger issues

without a court order you don’t own parental rights and responsibilities 100% it’s 50/50 despite him being an absolute duche. I say consult a lawyer because withholding the child now could be damaging if it becomes a legal issue.

Your place or a public place. Maybe even have his sister as a witness if she can be mutual, or someone else that can be mutual. If he really wants to meet her, he should have no problems with your terms. However text, email, etc is the best way to communicate, that way it’s documented. Keep/print ALL documentation!!!

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NOPE if he wants see her take you court set up parenting plan

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Let him see his daughter can his sister supervise visits for awhile till dad and child know each other better

No. He lost his chance. Why now, what changed? I wouldnt submit her to all of his drama. When she is older and able to make her own decisions about her life, may be you coukd revisit the matter. Right now its only going to cause confusion.

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Awe mama my heart breaks for you😢 such a hard choice to make.

I’d start with supervised visits. That way you’re there and not just leaving her with him unattended. He doesn’t get to pick and choose when he wants to be a parent, and I don’t know the full background BUT she does deserve to know who her real dad is, and if he flakes again, then she’ll know who he really is. I hope it doesn’t end like that, but you can’t withhold her from him, that just seems a bit selfish to me

I would say no! Contact the courts or a lawyer! If you guy have tried mediation twice. Along his behaviors. I say you have a case.
I would have a picture of her bio dad for when/if she asks.

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Having her see him now is taking a chance of him saying or doing something that may affect her long term. He should pay child support and go through court visitations, I would wait til she’s older.
Maybe do Skype or visit in an environment where they are not alone and can be supervised.

I’d go through the courts and get back support and supervised visitation. I wouldn’t make it easy for him


Nope fk that. Its been almost 18 mos since my ex last seen my son and if he contacts me again(been no contact since July 2020 his choice) I will block him. My son doesn’t see him as dad and is better off :woman_shrugging::woman_shrugging:


That’s a hard decision you have to make, if you decide to let him I’d do it at your house or a public place and let her meet him but not tell her it’s her dad and see how it goes, it’s going to be more harmful for her if she meets him then disappears from her life again

For the sake of your daughter, you should consider giving it a try. You’re in a tough situation. Idk the whole background but I hope you’re able to decide what’s best. Good luck

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