Should I let my daughter see her father while he has a warrant?

Hello, I have a question? So I was just informed that my daughter’s dad has a warrant for not going to court. My daughter sees him at his parent’s house every other weekend supervised from being on drugs in the past. Not supervised through court or not court-ordered anything. I will just be nice and let him see her. Should I still let her go and see him with a warrant? Child support also gets taken out of his checks.


Nope. If you know he has one you can be considered aiding


That’s a hard one cause if he gets arrested while shes there child services will be called and also since you know where hes at then you would be considered as aiding n abiding since you known he has a warrant n not calling cops. I wouldnt let her go especially since theres no court order.


Nope what if they find him at his parents while she ia there?

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Yes, keep out of it. Not your place, and if he ends up getting lifted and going to jail your child lost a last opportunity for awhile.


Well all I can tell you is I made the mistake several years ago letting my daughter see her father while he had a warrant out (though I was unaware of the warrant) and he was arrested while having her. The cops did not make it a point to remove her from the room before taking him away. Nothing. Now, to this day, she is terrified of cops.


I think you should continue to let your child see him.


Definitely not, you wouldn’t want your child to witness her father being arrested or put in a harmful situation if he resists


His parenting has nothing to do with him having a warrant. If the cops come arrest him she has grandparents there so CPS wont get involved and they will be there to take her out of the room. And you aren’t going to get in trouble for aiding and abetting by allowing your child to see her father and grandparents. Dont take her father from her…especially over a failure to appear.


Also, cops aren’t gonna rip your child away and send her to foster care. This isn’t Hollywood. In real life, they’ll contact you to pick up your child. They aren’t out to traumatize children.


I wouldn’t plus u can get into trouble if u know where he is at plus ur daughter or any other kids u have living at home can be taken away plus what if grandparents tell the cops that u knew or even CPS then u will be in big trouble

If your on good terms w him or his parents tell him to get it taken care of or she won’t be visiting for her safety. It’s the best thing for him and your daughter.


If they find out you let him have her while actively having a warrant they can charge you with a felony yourself and remove your children from you. My sister had this happen to her. You just have to notify the court you aren’t letting him have visits bc he is wanted and you will be ok.

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Yes you said there is supervision so if he gets picked up on that warrant there is other adults there to care for child.

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His parents will be charged with a crime for having him in their home if the police come there while he is there as well. I wouldn’t chance it.


No tell him to turn himshelf in


Not unless you I want her to be with him when they pick him up. I think that’s pretty traumatizing


Yes let him see her cuz you never know when the next time they will see each other so much is happening in this world


Child support isn’t rent for visitation. It’s to support the child. I don’t even allow phone contact when my ex has warrants. It’s been 6 months. He shouldn’t have used against me when he was allowed around my kids, making bad decisions without warrants against me in court, or I wouldn’t be forced to be so protective. This was 100% his lawyers doing.


Let her see him and say what need to be said

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