Should I let my ex-husbands family stay in our kids lives?

My children’s biological father hasn’t been a part of their lives in a few years, I have already started the process of abandonment charges so my spouse can adopt them (something they are both on board with). Should I continue to let members of his family be involved in their lives after the adoption is finalized? There is very little effort to apart of their lives (maybe 1-2 phone calls a year), or should I just remove all contact.


I wouldn’t. I am adopted and I am very happy I had contact with my biological family. Never met my parents.

how old are the kids?

Personally I would just cut all contact. They only call a couple times a year, that’s not really enough effort to have any impact in your kids lives. If they were allot more involved I’d say maybe try to keep them but I wouldn’t with that. I’d go forward with the adoption and cut anything to do with your ex out entirely


How old are the kids?

If they are old enough to accept your spouse adopting them, they should be allowed to make that decision as well.


Cut contact. If your spouse is adopting and you’re cutting legal ties with the father, that should include his family too. Especially if they make little to no effort


Based on the level of contact, I’d cut it. After me and my ex split I didn’t hear from his family for two years. When I got a random text to wish her happy birthday from so and so aunt I was like “um she doesn’t know who you are, no” it’s been four years. She still doesn’t know who she is. I was right.

Depending on the age of the kids! And maybe his family were told different stories I would ask them the reason why they don’t contact the kids.


Cut all ties with the ex husbands family.

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It doesn’t sound like they are really involved to begin with so why bother !?


How often do you contact them? Goes both ways!
I feel like it’s WRONG and you are punishing them for the exs actions!
Just my opinion

If they only have Contact twice a year just stop all contact. It will just be more confusing for the kids. They deserve people in their lives all the times. Not just holidays or special occasions


If it’s a couple of phone calls a year what’s the harm. So long as it’s not abusive. Kids can decide what they want from it when they are of age.


I would let his family stay in touch but leave them get in touch and not contact them, the kids will see for themselves and you get to show you didn’t stop contact, were open to them having a relationship and you come out of it looking reasonable and their father won’t b able to tell kids u cut contact as you moved on, kids are more clued on than they are given credit for


Remove all contact, that’s just not enough effort to even bother.

If their other side of the family are not toxic to them, why remove them. The more love the better. It’s not the family’s fault the Dad’s crap. They deserve to love the children too.


Don’t remove the contact. Family is scarce to so many people. Your children deserve to have contact with their family as long as it’s good for them , then why not! If they good people.


I would allow it as long as they are being respectful and loving towards your children. Your Children deserve to have contact with their roots and where they came from.


Let them contact you