Should I let my exes son visit my house?

I have a question…my ex and I divorced after three years of marriage. He has three other children (one I didn’t know about until after the divorce because he didn’t bother to tell me) his other daughter that I knew of as my mom watched her when she was little (who he doesn’t have a relationship with) and his son, who I met when we started dating. His son and I have a relationship, especially after the divorce. Son sees me like family and the mother of his brother, with total respect. Here’s the issue. Said son is 23 and wants to visit his brother while he is at my house. Not only to see his baby brother but my children as well ( and me). My ex is adamant that I cannot have his older son to my house. That I am stepping out of bounds. What if his oldest wants to visit his little brother, it has to be at his house. The oldest son doesn’t want to visit his dads due to his (dad) negativity about life in general. Ex says I am not respectful of his wishes by allowing my son to come to my home. Am I in the wrong? Should I just face the wrath and let this wonderful young man that I consider family stays at my house? And when I say wrath, I mean it to every extent of the word.


His son is an adult and can do what he wants.
Your ex is jusy trying to control you and thats gross. Id ignore him. Let his eldest come visit. Spend time with his brother and well, family.


I would let him come.


Said son is 23? A grown man can do as he pleases. He needs to tell dad to step off.


If he’s 23 he can make his own decisions, and so can you. Don’t let him try to control you.


His son is an adult and can decide for himself. Don’t even tell his dad, its not his business.


His son is an adult. Who pays your bills? Your ex has no say 🤷


The son is 23 and an adult. He can make his own decisions and if his dad has an issue then he needs to talk to him, not you.


Pretty sure his 23 year old son can make that decision for himself and what happens in your home is none of your exes business anymore, period. Enjoy the heck out of that positive relationship.


His son is 23 he can see who he likes your ex cant stop him if he wants to see you and his little brother at your place its his choice i wouldnt bother telling your ex or even speaking to him as its none of his business


He is 23 he can do what he wants.


None of his business his son is a adult


The son is 23, an adult. Why should his dad dictate his moves. Pffffft move over dingdong the kids want to visit each other with or without your permission! Pffft. You live your life how you want, you don’t need his permission. Just because he has control issues does not mean those kids have to miss out making memories with each other. Let them visit. Live your life. <3


Tell your ex to f**k off. He doesn’t control you or his adult son or your house for that matter. He doesn’t get an opinion.


Sure. Why not? He’s an adult.

Old enough to please himself your relationship end with the farther not the child

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Your are a grown women. You are not with this man and his kid is 23 (also a grown man) you do whatever is most comfortable to you if that means tge boy comes to your house then so be it

Not his house not his business


Yeah the ex can go take a flying leap off a small hill :joy: the son is 23 he can do what he wants when he wants. The ex has no say on who can or can’t come to your house to visit.


The son is an adult and that’s your house. Don’t give into his bad behavior.