Should I let my mom take my child out of state?

I need some advice.I currently live with my mother(divorce)she wants to take my 4year old out of state to Disney World without me.I am torn or whether or not I should let him go.


Let him go, its a once in a lifetime chance :slight_smile:

Take? You said Disney World. That’s a vacation. Why wouldn’t you let the child go?


Shes his grandmother . Why would you have to ask facebook such a question .


Depends on age of the child.

He’ll never forget :thinking::thinking::thinking::sunglasses:

If you trust her completely without doubt, I see no harm. If you have some worry, go with your gut. Some parents and grandparents aren’t that responsible. Disney world Is huge.


Is there something wrong between with you and your mother? Let her bond with her grandchild


Baby doesn’t go without momma. I deserve to see the look on his face.


Do you trust her? I trusted my mother more than anyone and I let her take my kids wherever whenever.

Personally I wouldn’t being that hes so young… especially Disney being those major wish list trips for kids. I would certainly want to be there. it all depends on your relationship with your mom and how responsible she is. Are you able to go?


Why does Grandma want to take the child WITHOUT YOU? That doesn’t pass the sniff test to me. Your child deserves to make DisneyWorld memories WITH you too. Everyone goes or no go.


Um she raised you why not?


The fact that you are questioning whether the child should go or not makes me think there is a trust issue of some sort with your mother? If there is not a good reason, I would let him go … they must have a special bond if she wants to do something like that. My children don’t have Grandparents and never did. It would also give you some “me” time.

If she’s a good grandma that will take good care of him I would say yes. The only problem I see is that a child that young may get homesick and have a hard time being away from you. My son is very close to his grandparents and had a hard time being away from me for a week. He wanted me to come get him and I couldn’t. They usually are fine while they are busy but nights are tough!

Was she a good mother? Did she take care of you? Did she ever lose you? If the answers are yes, yes, and no, let the child enjoy the vacation with grandma.

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My parents took my daughter out of state and country when she was 3. I trust my parents explicitly. Was it easy? Hell no! Now, I love Disney so I wouldn’t have let my mom take her without me to Disney for the first time.

At the end of the day, you’re his mama and it’s up to you. If you have a gut feeling, I say go with it. If you think it might just be some nervous jitters about your baby being away from you, that’s normal, but it’s up to you. Don’t let anyone guilt trip you with “shes your mom why not let him go?”, “its a once in a lifetime chance”, blah blah blah.

Because we do not know you or your family or anything in between and what is okay for one person, may not be for another. :two_hearts:


Unless you have knowledge of her wanting to take her take her then no… Otherwise why not?

Im a grandma that lives with my daughter and her child. I would not take my grand baby without Mom. However, if the child was a teen and we were going in a group I would consider it, but it seems unfair.