Should I let my sons father see him?

so I just found out from the courts, and my son’s dad’s rights have been completely suspended. For a good reason. But he and his mother are asking if he can see my son over at her house, which I technically don’t have a problem with. I am just keeping him from going places with him and to his house, which his mother knows. I thought the courts were going to do supervised visitation, and I had it set with his mother, but they took it all away. so my question is should I let him see him at his mothers still? I’m not trying to keep him out of his life just safe…


No. If the courts took away his rights, there’s a damn good reason. If you are concerned about your child’s safety to the point of his rights being taken, then absolutely no visitation. If dss and the courts realize you are allowing visitation, you are putting your child’s safety in jeopardy. You are no longer protecting your child. I strongly encourage you to seek counseling because it sounds like you have been in an abusive, codependent relationship with your child’s father. Do not risk losing your child or your child being hurt over trying to be the good guy to a man that is NOT a good guy.


There’s obviously a reason the courts took away EVERYTHING. Don’t do it. Block their numbers and move on.


I would do supervised in a public place until you find out what the courts are going to do.

No…not if his rights were suspended. You could lose your rights too, for not following court order.


No. They can go to the court and say that you have been letting him see the baby. They’ll drop everything you had against him. If they thought supervised visits at a DCFS office or court house were too dangerous then you definitely shouldn’t do anything outside the court order.


Nope absolutely not!


You could lose your kid for not listening to a court order … They would see it as neglect of a child’s safety.


If you don’t follow the courts orders, you can be found in contempt. Plus - if his rights are suspended - including supervised visits - sounds like it’s not safe for him to be around your child.


Depends on why the courts took it away.


Mariel … read the post and all the comments please ! Just in case you think I’m kidding.

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I would abide by the courts order and they have suspended all his rights you should comply.


While I get wanting there to be a relationship with the father, the courts have said no and like stated above it would be best for you to follow the court order… if the courts took away his rights then he needs to do what the courts are requiring for him to get the rights back and you enabling him to bypass the courts is not going to help in correcting whatever got him in this situation to begin with.


Don’t be stupid. Once the child is with him, you will have a devil of a time getting him back. Ask for a guardian ad litum to help with the children/child receiving what is in their best interest .


Hell no. Do it at a park with or at a mall. Be careful too cause if the courts find out they will take your rights away aswell for not following a court order. They’d see it as you are put the kid(s) in unsafe situations.


You shouldn’t do anything without the court’s permission.


Follow the court orders and don’t put the children in a possibly harmful situation. Remember *
Possession is 9/10ths of the law*

I’m worried about why they took all visitation away. That’s a huge flag


Think that depends on how it was worded. My stepsons mother has no prenatal rights and no visitation plan either. Courts stated allowing contact was up to his father and if he ever felt they needed to be stopped to stop them. We were never told to stop all contact.

You sound confused. speak to a professional legal aide