Should I let my youngest date?

I am Mom to 2 teenage girls, 18 & 15. My husband & I decided they could date when they were 16. We have been laughed at, asked how long we are going to keep them in a bubble & told you to have to let them go someday. It went well with our oldest, but the youngest is boy crazy & will have a relationship by texting, facetime, Snapchat & having the boy come to church so she can see him. But my mil told us we need to let her go out & stay out of our kid’s business! We want her to be mature enough to handle herself when she does go out & right now she is not. Are we too overprotective? At what age did your children start to date? Our daughter confided in her Grandma that the boy dumped her, my mil announced at her Christmas get together that our daughter lost her boyfriend to the whole family, which embarrassed our daughter & blamed me for not letting her go anywhere with him. We didn’t tell mil the boy was very jealous & cheated on her. I want to tell mil that we are her parents, we are responsible for her & it’s our decision, not hers. But I know it wouldn’t do any good. My husband has talked to her, but she insists that she is right. Any advice on how to get thru this would be appreciated.


Your Child Your Rules!


Sounds like the girl is going to do it anyways .


So maybe it’s time for birth control


And explaining things and maybe group dates with friends ?


Kids that sneak end up pregnant


She’s gonna date whether you let her or not lol might as
Well create a good relationship with her so
She trusts you and talks to you


from my experience with my kids, she will find a way to do what she wants to do. whether you know about it or not, is up to how you handle it. if i had a do-over…I would have had more open and honest conversations. either way, your daughter will date. whether you like it or not. whether you know about it or not

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First tell your MIL to kiss your ass and mind her own buisness. Then raise them how you see fit!


My parents didnt let me date tol I was 16, my daughter is 14 now and she doesnt go anywhere with a boy, unless is chaperoned… when she turns 16, and can prove that she can be responsible then I will consider letting her go “on a date”

Your MIL isn’t doing a great job of stayin out of her own kids business is she? Do what you and your husband feel right, nobody can tell u how to be a perfect parent because they dont exist


Stay out of your own 15 year Olds business? Lmfao. Not a chance.


You do what you feel is right. Parenting does not come with a manual. That is your family, your rules!! God bless you and I hope everything works out.


My girls were 14/15 as was I. Both ended up in long term relationships. Id rather my kid be able to be honest with me than have to sneak around to do what theyre gonna do

Girls are different them boys my oldest is 16teen is out with friends and girlfriend with parent supervisor but my daughter is 14teen that’s boy crazy and she dont even have phone this world is crazy she will date when I feel is ready not anyone else she came from me I have the final say do what you know u should do.

I just want to say. My mom had that rule… kids don’t listen. I snuck out and around and had a baby at 14. … communication is best… maybe do a trial run see how it goes . And yes birth control no matter what u decide to do . I managed but boy it was hard. (I’m 29 now)

No not over protective. 16 is very reasonable. No reason why a boy couldn’t come and hang out with all of u together. Just reason with your daughter and maybe have your older daughter help. Sometimes they listen to others over the parents.


It’s none of you mil business… but, I would suggest talking with your daughter about safe dating practices. Have him at the house, not up in bedrooms. My parents did that whole no dating in ny house… I graduated early and got the heck out of there and made very poor relationship choices. Not blaming them for my mistakes, but I definitely went wild because they hovered so much. In the end, it is your daughter. I always tell my daughter that I would rather her be honest with me and we talk about respect in a relationship and hope that she will make better relationship choices than I did and she is learning from my mistakes as I stay open with her. Best wishes as teenage girls can be rough.

Well I’m a 30 year old male with a 16 yr old daughter n I can say it’s a hard situation to handle iv personally found being a responsible friend works better then a parent you need to put your self in her shoes but at the same time keep in mind she’s a young lady growing up so putting a age limit on something like this isn’t smart most kids these days need a feel for affection and support something as u as a parent can’t do in the way there looking for it now iv explained to my daughter what most young boys want and have stressed her self worth and honesty with them definitely helps

Just keep an open dialogue with your daughter. Discuss extensively about birth control and pregnancy. Just be there for her as much as possible. Tell your MIL to her face to mind her business that she is undermining your parenting with your daughter and she is not helping matters…good luck