Should I limit my babies naps?

Should I limit my baby’s naps? She’s eight months and takes the regular two naps a day, but each nap lasts about 3 hours long. I’m asking because we’ve been having some problems with bedtime lately and I’m wondering if it’s because of her naps. Normally it’s pretty easy to get her to bed by a reasonable hour. Like eight at the latest. Lately, she’s been fighting sleep as late as midnight. She gets tired around her normal bedtime, but she’s fighting it so bad. TIA


Keep it to 3 naps still but limit it to maybe 1 1/2 hours to 2 hours each nap.

I’m the “mean momma” about that age I cut our little one down to one nap and day so she could nap when her 3 year old brother did.
It helped with bedtime for sure!


Her last nap of the day try shortening by 45min to an hour and she should go to bed on time that’s what I had to do

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I would try cutting them a bit. My daughter(5 months) naps 2-3 times a day. If its 3 she sleeps for an hour each time. If its only 2 its 1.5 hours, also make sure she is getting enough food during her awake hours(thats helped my little alot). Then a super solid bed time routine. We do a quick snack feed, a shower or bath, brush her teeth, snuggle and read while she eats. Then she is usually asleep by 7:30-8 wakes around 3-4am to have a dream feed, then up at 7:30. Could also be a little bit if sleep regression.

I would maybe just do the one nap a day :slight_smile:

Try waking the baby up for the last nap, start with waking up and the 2.45 mark the work your way down to 2 hours for the last nap

My little girl is 6 months she has one nap a day(her choice), goes to bed around 6/7pm sleeps through till 5/6 am x

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No. Mine is 8 months and in 10 minutes currently she’s been asleep for three hours. We lay her down at 10am daily. Usually they are about an hour to two hours but she’s tired today. Gloomy out. Then she gets one around 4pm for an hour tops usually. She sleeps 830pm to 8am nightly but we keep her busy alllllll day when she’s awake. Mental stimulation helps lots.

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Look up sleep regression in babies she could be going thru that right now.

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Personally id allow the first nap, but shorten then stop the second. Shes sleeping too much through the day.


It’s definitely because of the naps. At 8 months she should probably only take a 2 hour first nap and a 2 hour second nap. Or if it is three naps, don’t let them go over an hour each.

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It does help to limit the naps to about an hour and after the second nap keep her super busy and. Tire her out playing with her

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I would keep the naps but limit the time to 1 or 1 &1/2 hrs instead of 3 hrs. Or cut 1 nap out. She could be getting a little too much sleep during the day OR She could be going through sleep regression, which is normal. Especailly during a growth spurt. Both of my sons’ sleep started being different each time they went through a growth spurt.

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Either cut the naps shorter or do one big long nap during the day instead of 2 long naps.

My kids were all taking either two short naps a day, or one nap a day, by that age.

My kids only took 1 nap a day starting at like 6 months because they were starting to play and move around. Our daycare has each baby take 1 nap for 2 hrs a day and at age 2 they start 1 nap for 45 min.

Cut it down to one. My youngest stopped napping altogether at about 3 and sleeps like a champ at bedtime.

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Mine did this but the pattern would change due to growth spurts and teething so it’s pretty normal she will be fine she just changing schedule a little bit eventually it will regulate back try and maybe move the second nap to earlier in the day

Both of my boys would nap for around 3, once a day, until they were about 6. If they had school, they missed the nap, but would then go to be earlier. Each was asleep around 9. My oldest would sleep until around 8-9am and my little until about 6:30/7am. I’d say you might want to either eliminate, or cut the second nap short, especially if it’s later in the afternoon.

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