Should I not let my kids read and write at bedtime?

I let my kids read and or write at bedtime as long as they stay in their beds and stay quiet. My husband says I’m too lenient with them they are 6 and 7 btw. Anyways I grew up with horrible insomnia and anxiety and wasn’t allowed to do anything but stare at the walls. I think I’m a little traumatized by the way my parents didn’t help me through my sleeping and anxiety troubles—anyway; I’m just looking for opinions. I know bedtime is important, but so is mental health. Idk. Maybe I am too lenient.


Honestly I feel like it’s a really healthy thing to do compared to just allowing them to watch tv all night. Sometimes reading a book will make your eyes tired and you end up dozing off. Nothing wrong with that in my opinion. Think I may start allowing my kids to do the same.


When my son was in foster care he had a lot of sleep issues. The foster parents let him stay up and write as late as he needed, even if it was late. It was how he got all the thoughts out of his head so he could stay calm. The therapists and case workers supported it so I would say you are doing the right thing


I think it’s a great thing to do!

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It sounds like a good. Soothing creative outlet to me :slight_smile:

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Unless they’re staying up til 12 or 1 I don’t see it being an issue as long as they’re actually reading or writing. If anything it’ll help them in the future with those skills


Do they have the same sleep/anxiety issues?

I grew up without a bedtime. It was quiet after X’o’clock (it changed as I grew older) and if it was bed or quiet bedroom time it was fine - the only rule was, I couldn’t be grumpy from being over tired, I made the decision to stay up so I had to handle it and not grump at or around others because it wasn’t their consequence. So as my daughter gets older, I’ll do the same with her. She’s only 2 and happily has a bedtime routine. Bath, books and bed. Sometimes she’ll wriggle, get comfortable and sleep. Or she’ll grab a stuffy and lay there playing with it until she falls asleep.


For me I would personally say reading at bedtime yes, because it can be relaxing and encourages good habits. Writing I wouldn’t do though because it is a mentally active thing that would cause them to wake up more.

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My son is almost 7 and I let him spend 30 minutes before bed to read his book of choice to his dog or me. He loves it. He picks out his own book and everything. Its a great way to relax their mind from the day.


I loved reading at bedtime. You’re doing great, mom.

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i think it’s a really good way for them to relax! as long as they’re up early in the morning at the usual time. the only occasion i would suggest keeping an eye on them is if they’re waking up constantly tired, i don’t know. i read to my 3 year old every night before bed and when she can properly read i’d like her to read before bed because i think it’s a lovely calm thing for kids to do, not to mention it being educational too xx

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No problem with it. Awesome habit to have. Good job

and don’t let your husband wind you up saying you’re too lenient. they’re only young once and they will remember how their mama let them express themselves through reading and writing from a young age this is so lovely x

Maybe compromise and have reading or writing prior to sleep time. Still quite, still in bed but designate a lights out for sleep?

You’re doing just fine, Mama. :two_hearts:

My son is allowed to do what he wants (within reason…and no tv) quietly for 1 hour after “bed time.” It’s worked out really well for him. He’s 8 and we’ve been doing it this way for almost 2 years. He’s not much of a reader, but he’ll write in his journal, play cards or with his soldiers. Occasionally he’ll build a fort to sleep in.

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I think it is a healthy routine. It’s calming and as long as they are getting enough sleep it shouldn’t be an issue

My doctor, after I was diagnosed with anxiety, TOLD me to get a notebook to write in to have somewhere to put all of my thoughts so I could try and get some sleep.

I think that is a much better idea than screen time. If I were you I’d let them keep it up

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