Should I pump and dump?

I’m going out for the first time since I had my baby, and I still breastfeed. I was planning on having 1-2 drinks. Should I pump and dump after?


Give 1 hr for every drink you have after that you’ll be fine to breastfeed


From google…If a mother has consumed more than a moderate amount of alcohol, she may choose to wait 2 hours (per drink) to breastfeed her child

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If your Walmart is open they should have breast milk test strips, they test if you have too much alcohol in your milk for baby should have instructions on how to use inside the package

From my doctor - unless you plan on getting wasted you are fine. A drink or two isn’t a big deal.


Don’t pump and dump. If you are ok to drive you are ok to breastfeed.


No. If you feed or pump right before you drink then you should be fine to feed 4 hours later.
Pumping it doesn’t get rid of the alcohol. You have to wait for the alcohol to leave your blood stream.
If its still in your blood then it’s still in your milk.


My doctor told me to just wait 1 hour for every drink consumed before breastfeeding or pumping milk to drink. 1 drink = 1 hour… 2 drinks = 2 hours…

No. Alcohol only leaves the breastmilk after it leaves the bloodstream so it is not necessary to pump and dump. They say if you are okay to drive then you are okay to feed.


Nooooooo! If you can drive and safely handle baby on your own it is fine!

If you don’t feel comfortable with that you could always save for other things such as milk bath or jewelry!


Absolutely not!!! Alcohol doesn’t stay in breast milk… if you have two drinks you’ll be fine to nurse in 2 hours…


Can you pump and save for milk baths when they have a bad diaper rash?? It’s works wonders!

No never waste the liquid gold if you do not feel comfortable you can buy strips to test the alcohol level in your breastfeed milk


nope!!! unless you are feeling the effects … otherwise it’s fine i’ve been breastfeeding for almost 4 year

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It filters out of breastmilk! Never pump and dump!

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No reason to pump and dump the alcohol dissipates after a few hours… as long as it’s in your blood stream it’s in your milk. Two to four hours after your last drink depending on how many and alcohol content.


No do not pump and dump!!! Having one or two drinks will not impact a healthy baby. If you are drinking at home have your drink while you nurse as your little one will be done eating before the alcohol is full absorbed in your system. If you are really worried (thought you don’t need to be) pump and and split into a couple bags/bottles to be mixed with milk on a day you didn’t drink… the concern is not with the amount of alcohol in your milk if you are having 1 drink an hour, it’s with you being able to safety handle the baby


Don’t dump! Use it for milk baths! I wasn’t comfortable with feeding after drinking but would save it for baths! It’s so good for their skin!

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You can buy strips to test your milk at Walmart