Should I pump and dump?

I’m going out for the first time since I had my baby, and I still breastfeed. I was planning on having 1-2 drinks. Should I pump and dump after?


If you’re going to pump & dump might as well pump and save it for a milk bath or something instead of wasting it.
Just wait a few hours after drinking before feeding your baby

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Or, maybe don’t drink while breastfeeding :woman_shrugging:


Target sells test strips. For the few times I drank while feeding it was great to pump and check if it was safe or if I needed to dump.

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No. Lactation just told me that’s no necessary and that if I am okay to drive I’m okay to nurse. So after you’ve drank but sobered enough to safely drive.


My doctor told me - if you’re okay to drive you’re okay to breastfeed. 1-2 drinks (small ones) should be okay. It’s based on you and how you process alcohol. I personally couldn’t drink while breastfeeding. One drink would have me more than tipsy. So I ended up pumping and dumping that time and didn’t drink anything til I weaned my son.


Nah if it’s only 1-2 drinks you’re good

Personally i wouldn’t

Pumping and dumping does not work


Pumping and dumping doesn’t work. I had my lactation consultant tell me if I’m okay to drive it’s okay to breastfeed.


No need to pump and dump. Just pump right before you go out. If you feel drunk you can always wait to sober to pump or pump and save for milk bath, lotion, etc. Don’t dump the liquid gold!

Absolutely do NOT have to pump and dump that is false information. If you have a drink or 2 you can still breastfeed.i wouldnt after like 3 or 4


No don’t dump, the amount is minute that will reach the milk


Yes, is u have some in reserve. It goes straight to the breast milk. Wait to feed till tomorrow

Pump before u go out

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Yes, pump and dump for sure.

If you’re worried, pump immediately before you drink and then wait a while before you pump/ nurse.

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No!! It is not necessary if you are only having 1 or 2. If you are falling down/dropping things drunk then yes, but you would t be caring for your child then anyways…or so I hope

Not unless you want to

Back in the day, the 50’s and 60’s, doctors recommended that nursing mothers drink 1 beer a day or 1 glass of wine to help with milk production. So no, I wouldn’t worry about dumping after 1 or drinks.