Should I pump and dump?

I’m going out for the first time since I had my baby, and I still breastfeed. I was planning on having 1-2 drinks. Should I pump and dump after?


Nope! No need to pump and dump. !!
It’s not enough alcohol to get into your breast milk so you’re still good to feed.


Don’t dump. If you pump you could use for a milk bath or so many other things.

The milk will still be fine after a few drinks and won’t go into your milk, but if you’re worried just use that milk for baths or dry baby skin so you don’t waste it :grin:

They make milk test kits and sell them at Target!


I was always worried so I mixed with “sober”milk.

^^this is good to know! I sure could use a drink!

My pediatrician told me “if you can find the baby, you can feed the baby” :joy: she explained that breastmilk filters alcohol content even more than your blood does, so you’d have to be blackout drunk for it to affect them. Ultimately, do what you’re comfortable with! I’ve pumped and dumped twice, both when I could’ve “found” the baby but was too drunk to drive


I was always told if you’re sober enough to drive, you’re sober enough to feed. 1-2 drinks will be fine you won’t need to dump. :wink:

just wait a couple hours before you pump or feed, my rule of thumb was one hour per drink. if I drank 2 drinks, i’d wait 2 hours to feed or pump!

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If your good to drive your good to feed is what I was always told!

You can have a few drinks and still bf. Just don’t if your blacked out and yes they now say if you can find your baby and feed your baby your good. No need to pump and dump!

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No need to! If your only having 1 or 2 drinks your still fine to feed as normal.

my doc always told me the amount in milk won’t have any affect it is more of a safety of caring for baby

Honey totally up to you. Remember if you lived in almost any other country wine would be a part of every dinner as it’s as common as tea or soda at meals

Even if you pump, which there’s no reason too unless you want too. Save the breastmilk for a milk bath!

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Ive heard just to wait aftew hrs after.

Pump before you leave. And then wait a few hours before you do it again. But the baby will be fine

No need to. Only small amounts get into the milk so unless you’re getting trashed you should be fine

No need to do that. You can have a couple and still feed. My pediatrician even told me that in other countries women will drink one or two dark beers a day to help increase milk production. I like to have one or two glasses of wine a couple times a week and we have never had an issue. Going strong breastfeeding 16 months now.

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