Should I remove pictures of my son with his dad?

I’d like to ask a question because I am uncertain about this situation.

I broke up with my son’s father 2+ years ago. I took down every picture on social media that we had as a couple, or of the three of us. I am in a new relationship now. My boyfriend is demanding that I take down all pictures of his existence. I have pictures of my son with his father became no one will ever replace his father, and to be honest I feel like I don’t need to go through every single album to remove them. Am I wrong and insensitive? Or is he overreacting? I really don’t know how to feel about it.

He’s still a major part of your life. That’s your sons dad. You can’t erase half your son.

You can’t erase your child’s family, if it’s unsettling for your BF, maybe explain to him the reasons behind it all, when me and my ex separated I removed all photos of him from my walls but I bout my children photo albums and filled them with him and their memories I just left me out of them they keep these in their rooms to browse when they like, bonus for me is I don’t have to look at his face :see_no_evil::see_no_evil: but I’m sure what you decide to do will be what’s best for you and your child and not because you are forced into anything!