Should I send my child to her dads while she has the flu?

Would you send your child to the other parent’s house if they had the flu? My daughter has been feeling unwell for the past few days and was tested positive for the flu. Her dad thinks she should still come to his house since we have a court order, and it’s his weekend. I personally don’t think she should go anywhere until she is feeling better… Am I right? Or is he?


Before I had my own kid I would’ve said she should still go. Dad can care for her while sick. BUT now, having my own, I don’t think I could do it knowing my son would be much more comfortable with me :tired_face:

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I think shes sick and should be at home. What kind if a visit is it if shes sick? To maybe make up for it tell him he can have an extra day or something but hes being selfish.

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Well since that is his child too I think that he should be able to take care of her when she is sick. It’s not a sleep over it’s the child’s father


It’s a court order. I don’t not recommend “fuck around and find out” when it comes to a court order.
But I’m surprised the dad is insisting


He is right he is just as capable of taking care of the child. My husband has 2 kids from a previous marriage we still get them when they are sick it is going to happen quite a lot through your childs life. Think of it this way how would you feel if he said your child couldn’t return to your house till they were feeling better i bet you would throw a fit and demand the child back. Plus a little side note you can actually get in trouble for not sending the child and denying him his parental time/rights.

If he was concerned he would leave her home. If she was sick at his house would you take her home to your house? No you wouldn’t. It works both ways. She stays where she is until she’s better.
Don’t give in


It’s contempt if you withhold her no matter what your reason is… You both have to agree


Send her. He can clean up the barf. It’s His child too. Be happy with the fact that when she returns, she might be well again. Make a cup of tea mom; and enjoy your weekend off.

His days are his days


How old is she? Why don’t you ask her what she wants to do?


Unless you feel she will not receive adequate care and be neglected while she’s there, it’s best to comply. If you feel this to be the case and plan on withholding her, be prepared with your ducks in a row to have times dates and specific examples to indicate why you feel this way that are more serious than “he made her wait three minutes before getting her soup and I would’ve gotten it immediately.” And finally, do a little soul searching and ask if this is more about mama bears wish to keep her close so she feels more in control of the situation, and that maybe mama is more afraid of feeling powerless than she is that anything is genuinely going to happen.

I would assume since you haven’t mentioned that dad is an ogre, and you have no issues with her going any other time, that the only realistic thing to do is point out the judge is going to tell you she can rest on his couch same as yours, and to send her, so you may as well save yourself the hassle and relent.

I mean come on, if y’all were together hed help her feel better if hes a good dad. I do understand she may not feel up to going, but she could be just as comfortable there

It’s a flu, not the plauge. A small car drive over and she’ll get settle back down no problem. I have to take my kid to and from my mom’s and grandma’s houses when she is sick as well just so I can go to work. She’ll be fine

If he is capable to take care of his child, why not?


Uhh yes. She’ll be sick where ever she goes. Her dad wants to see her and be a dad. You should be thankful and not find reasons to keep her from him.


If he actually thought about his child he would know when feeling ill a child would want her mom. He just wants to be selfish and not putting his child’s needs before his own.


My child would NEVER leave Me sick… Hate on Me if ya want to…

If he still wants to see her even though she’s sick and she still want to go over there too I don’t see it as an issue?

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Part of being a parent is dealing with the good and bad. Comforting your child when she’s sick. You need to step back and let dad be a parent too.