Should I send my son back to daycare?

Where I live daycares are slowly opening, I have to decide if I’m going to put my two years old back in, I just had a baby, and my son was supposed to be in part-time until I went back to work but so far since my maternity started all of the COVID stuff happened, and he has been home with me which I am loving, but I know he needs friends and interaction. I am home until January would you keep him out as long as possible or let him go?


Keep him out. Keep him safe at all costs


Where do you live? Cause I’m my opinion if it’s the states I say hell to the no and Canada yes


I wouldn’t set foot in a daycare if you paid me right now. I’m so glad my kids were already homeschool before this.


There is many ways to get him associated with other kids without daily interaction with people at daycares,etc. libraries have story hours, or you could look up other things in your area. You would get to have much more control of what happens germ wise… as much as possible atleast


Id keep them out unless you need it.

No way. Virus is to deadly and not worth the risk if you dont have to

I would keep him. You definitely don’t want him getting the virus at daycare and bringing it home to the baby.

If your not working I would keep him home

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I work in a daycare but I am not back yet because of my age but I do know that every precaution is being taken talk to daycare and find out how they are doing as precaution


Keep him safe with you at home. Stay safe.

No especially with a newborn


I wouldn’t put him back in daycare especially if I had a newborn

Girl, keep him home! I’m at home with my newborn and toddler. Keep your babies safe at all costs.

If you’re home, he is home!

Noooo is bad, is no fun! It should only be used if you have no other option. It can be very stressful for children too

I would keep him home until January if possible. I would keep my one and a half year old home, but I am a teacher and it looks like we are going to be going back in person for the time being. Try to meet up weekly or biweekly with other moms and kiddos his age in your area that you know have also been home and away from large groups. I know that is a difficult decision… good luck!

Do what is best for you and your family.


If you just had another baby I wouldn’t do it you don’t want to risk your baby getting sick and possibly dying because their baby bodies may not be strong enough to fight it off

Mine have still been going the whole time because it never closed down and we are both considered essential. No one has had it at the facility either and they are doing things different like no parents in building, temp checks and asking if you’ve traveled within last 2 weeks that your kids not come for 14-21 days

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