Should I stay in the lives of my step kids after we divorce?

My kids still talk with my exes and their kids still talk with me. We know its not the kids fault and they had nothing to do with it.

I never saw or talked to my dad’s wife after they separated. My sisters still talk to her and her sons from time to time but I wasn’t interested. I think it depends on the children if they want to continue the relationship or not.

I am in the middle of a divorce now and I still see my step kids and talk to them regularly and my ex still talks to my kids from a previous relationship

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Depends. I’d say yes,it’s the kids that want that closeness still.,but if their older and don’t…it’s their choice .
It’s a depending on situation ,I’d say .
And if ur still friends, with ex, then it helps .

I’m still involved in my step kids life! Of course, they were older and able to decide on their own … And they know I love them as much as my own children … I imagine that if someone wasn’t very close to their stepchildren then there wouldn’t really be a point in staying in their lives

Or it’s similar if your parent dies and they were married to your stepmom. Do you still keep in touch with them the stepmom. I guess it depends on the age of the stepkid and the relationship quality Im place with the stepparent. If there’s no relationship, you may never see that former stepmom again.

Depends on what role and how long you were in their lives.

Why wouldn’t you still be in the kids lives as much as comfortably possible

Nothing should alter in your heart for the kids because of divorce

If you are close to the children and have a good relationship with them, then I’d say Yes, as long as it was ok with their mom.

I would think it depends on your relationship with the kids prior to divorce.

When I met my exhusband he had a 7 month old daughter i helped raise her. We divorced after she turned 15. Me n his daughter r still close even after we divorced n when he passed away we still talk to each other.

If you have a relationship with them, of course you should they wear your bonus children. If you did not have a relationship, I guess that would be between you and the children. I most certainly would, they were my kids also.

I divorced the man not the children, my children he had before the marriage and my children I had before the marriage still live as siblings

If my husband and I divorced you’d have to pray my step daughter apart. Nothing and no one would break our bond!

If you have a good relationship with them and you are the parent of their siblings why wouldn’t you continue the relationship? The kids are not the ones getting a divorce parents are.

I think this is common sense if you love those kids and they are family than duh keep it together family its number one

I’m 20 + years divorced and still see my ex’s side of the family several times a year. The kids all refer to me as “aunt”, etc. and I am invited to every family event…wedding, showers, baptisms, graduations…I love it and I could stay and have stayed with my ex-in laws also…they love it when I visit! I’m sure it’s not for everyone’s family but it is for me!!

Simply are you divorcing their dad or their dad and them. I see my bonus kids often. I raised them 6.5 yrs. They were my babies and still are

When we seperated he still wanted me around the kids and the kids still come to my house and the mom is ok with that we all spent mothers and fathers day together