Should I stop speaking to my ex for my fiance?

This has nothing to do with being a mama but, I need advice ladies. I knew this guy since I was 16. We tried dating off and on but it just didn’t work. We were better off friends. We could go a year without talking and if I needed something he was always right there. Well, I always quit talking to him when I would have a boyfriend I just didn’t want to upset my boyfriend. Fast forward 2 years I have been with my fiancé now for 2 years, we have a house and are raising 5 kids. I would still keep in touch with my ex-boyfriend but it was always hey how’s it going etc and that was it. Well, 2 days ago he got into a bad car accident and could have died. I went to go see him in the ICU yesterday. My fiancé did not care but doesn’t want me hanging out with him! Now I feel that I should continue our friendship and hang out here and there! Life is just too short and I could have lost him in a blink of an eye!! I have never given my fiancé a reason not to trust me! My question is what do you all think? Think I should continue my friendship with my ex no matter what my fiancé says or do you think I just discontinue our friendship again because I’m in a new relationship??


Smh seem like the ex getting more respect…if u can respect ur new relationship please leave the man to find somone who will respect him…its not about trust here he was an ex its about respect…hi an bye isnt good enough …u wanna hang out smfh.


No need to end the friendship. Your fiance trusts you. Its not like you went to a party with your ex. You went to see him after a bad accident. Invite him to hang out with the both of you. Maybe once your fiance gets to know your friend better, he wont be so weird about it


Well my husband does the same he never want to stop talking to his trash…but your fiancé comes first and if they don’t want you interacting with the person why should you respect your partner and their opinions

The majority of my friends are male. If my husband told me I cant hang out with a friend because they are a guy I’d tell him to piss off. People can have friends of the opposite sex.

Incorporate your visits with both present, at first. If at all possible. Might ease your current relationship, gain respect for your long time friend. And they may become friends…who knows


Continue the friendship. Would you stop if it was a woman ? No ! Your fiance has to get over the fact it is a male friend. Never let anyone control you. Life is short. True friends are rare. Introduce him to your fiance and all of you hang out.


Bring him home. If is nothing to hide is going to be ok. Maybe he have a girlfriend? Lunch in a Sunday?


Continue your friendship no matter what

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If your fiancé and you trust each other than by all means keep your friendship! If it’s as platonic as you say I see no big deal or harm in it at all. And besides if you wanted to be with the guy you would be but you chose friendship not a relationship. So I say continue the friendship because life’s too short and true friends are so valuable!


I hope all of u women who sayin dont end the friendship have no problem with ur man callin an textin an hangin out with his ex girl friend. Smh


You fiance needs to grow up. His insecurities are not yours and he just needs to figure it out himself.


That’s a rough situation however your fiancee should trust you and shouldn’t get in the way if your friendship if it’s truly nothing. God forbid you and your fiance split and you’ve released your friend, then you’d have to go back and apologize. I’ve been thru it, keep your friend bc I’m sure ge has female friends as well. Just be honest as you’ve been


5 kids and he’s still a fiance? Sounds like you have more important issues to consider.


Any man who tells you who you can and cannot be friends with doesn’t trust you and doesn’t deserve you.


You still have feelings… i think you should reevaluate what YOU really want.


Nuetral friendships shouldn’t be a threat with opposite sex friends 30 yrs married n both of us have friends we’ve grown up knowing opposite sexes n there’s no more than just friends talk if younger yrs school neighborhood memories ,

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If you have kids with him there is no reason why you cant be civil with him. Its so much easier on children. Nothing wrong there. But i wouldnt be talk pals. You have to draw the line somewhere. Keep in touch my friend

The depth of the friendship from you has been filled. Your fiance is uncomfortable, let it go for the moment. When he’s home and healing, go visit him once, cuz you guys have a lengthy relationship. But CONSTANTLY could look different to your fiance than what you’re seeing.

I’m friends with almost every man I’ve ever called my boyfriend. No one is allowed to tell me who can be my friend.