Should I switch to formula?

Are there any other mommas continuing to make breastmilk just through this pandemic? Or maybe I’m too paranoid; I’m an under producer as is and only exclusively pump; I make about 16 oz total (2 bottles) for my three-month-old, but I’m exhausted from it and haven’t stopped because I feel she needs the antibodies, would you mommas keep doing what I’m doing or do you think formula all together is fine and my baby will be okay through this covid pandemic? Just wanted some input on what other mothers are doing


I didnt do it thru covid but I chose my sanity over breastfeeding 3 times . No shame . Long as the babe is fed and happy you’re winning


Breast is best even if its alittle. Id say keep trying and stay away from formula as long as possible. Way to go keeping up with all this stress. You got this.


I was doing both as I didn’t produce enough for my baby. Drink a lot of water too

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Dont stress. Baby will be fine either way! Do what is best for you!!!


I have always been a huge believer in breast is best but have since seen my two grandchildren have formula and realize fed is best.
It’s okay to make a decision that’s best for you and your baby.


I didn’t produce enough for my little boy and started using formula, you will see the difference in your baby and wish you’d done it sooner. There’s no shame in it, you’ve tried but your baby’s health and need for food comes first xc


I quit pumping at 7 weeks because I was under producing and my son wasn’t eating enough so I switched to formula. He was born right before the pandemic lockdowns started and has been on formula the entire lockdown and since then. He’s been perfectly fine and thriving more on formula than he did on breast milk.

That’s the amount o pump and give my little one. We supplement with formula and he gets best of both plus I keep my sanity. Pump what you can and supplement with formula. I pump two- three times a day max. Once when I get up and once before bed. I sometimes pump around lunch or afternoon if I feel up to it. Hang in there momma!

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Neither of my kids would take to brest feeding quickly enough and I started formula for fear they would starve . Fed is best .

breast is best IF thats an option. HOWEVER i can’t imagine exclusively pumping. i nursed for three years and only pumped when i was at work and that was exhausting. let alone pumping all the time. I would say, keep pumping if you mentally and physically can, mama. but its okay to supplement. if you can afford formula and feel comfortable doing so, then do it. no matter what, baby will be fed and fine. there is no guilt or shame in stopping pumping if you have to.


I didn’t have covid babies but I had two premies and they told me I’d have to exclusively pump to start and decided to exclusively formula feed. It was one of the best choices I’ve ever made.

I was killing my self trying to breastfeed my son. He was starving grumpy and underweight for an already premature baby. First night switching to formula was such a thankful blessing to my life. My now 6 week early baby boy is happy healthy and above average. This is my experience

Fed is best. I didn’t produce enough the feed my son and after a couple weeks of supplementing with formula I quit producing all together. So he was in formula by a month old. You do what you feel is best and don’t let anyone tell you that you are wrong

You choose what is best for you!! I pumped until I went back to work and realized I just couldn’t do it. I made it almost 5 months and that is what was best for me!!

Pump as long as you can. Try nursing if you can. The natural suction will help stimulate more milk and will also encourage your natural ability to rest.

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You are doing best for your baby! Real mom.

Girl stop that now. You’ll kill yourself doing that. I did worth both of my kids and I regret not switching to formula sooner.

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In the same boat, mama! :raised_hands:t3: if I pump I only get about 10oz a day, but I know with the actual nursing as well he’s maybe getting double that. He’s 8 months and so squirmy that he has lost all interest in it unless he’s sleepy. I’m continuing to nurse as long as I can, especially given COVID and flu season, just so he gets the antibodies he needs, but I won’t stress out over formula. He gets that at the sitter and mama milk at home while it lasts. If it makes you feel better to keep going for whatever amount she gets, go for it. If you can get her to nurse at all she’ll do a better job of emptying your breast than any pump, and it may help boost your supply, if not then any amount you give her is awesome. If it’s too much, formula is great. There are no guarantees against getting this thing for any of us, breastfed or not, so just do what you can and love your little one!

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Both of my kids were exclusively formula and they were completely fine, they’re both smart amazing children. Fed is best.