Should I take my 3-year-old to a funeral?

Would you take your active 3-year-old to your cousin’s funeral in Chicago? We would probably be driving (a 7-hour drive). My husband doesn’t want him to go, but I feel that he should. We would be traveling with four other adults and a five month old baby.


What part of chicago?

Depends who the funeral is for

If there is someone you can really trust to keep him,probably be best for all y’all?

Depends why you feel like he should go? Were they close? If he didnt know him then I wouldn’t bother. But I took my 3 year old at the time to my uncle’s funeral. We drove 7 hours aswell down south.

No way. Be fair to the child. Is it your need driving your decision?


I just went to my best friends nana’s funeral and there were young kids running around her great grandchildren and it actually brought some peace and lightened up the situation.

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a 7 hour drive with a toddler can be rough, especially if emotions are already running high. at three, he may not be able to sit quietly for a funeral, so it really depends on the service itself. you know the people attending, would THEY be okay with a toddler? personally, i wouldn’t take him, but that’s me. he wouldn’t remember it, and the rememberance and sharing stories of the person who passed would be lost in him. :woman_shrugging:t2:

Personally, I would…especially if you were close with your cousin…so sorry for your families loss.

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I wouldn’t, kids pick up on emotions more than anything else that young. Language and expressing emotions is still limited. The heaviness of a funeral must be so hard for them to process.

But it’s your kid, you know them best and would know if they are emotionally developed enough to understand and process.

I didn’t take my 3 yr old to my grandmas funeral. No travel required. I didn’t want his last vision of her that way. I know how bad it fucked me up at such a young age.

The funeral is for a cousin? So no I wouldnt bring him. When you think of active children in a small space all I can imagine is the things he can knock over/break.

No. Most 3 year olds can’t be quiet for that


No,. He’s to Young to understand. Leave him with a friend or relative.

I don’t bring my kids to funerals or weddings (unless they are in the wedding obviously.)

Yes, if he does well with the drive.

I would. We include our children in everything, even funerals. I live 13 hours from family and they would be super upset if I came down and didn’t bring the kids. :joy:

I took my 2 yr old and 4 yr old to my pops. my whole family was there so it was best for me to take them. We were immediate family.

I would not bring any children if I didn’t have to

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I was taught kids shouldn’t be at funerals until they’re tall enough to see into the coffin. Along with other reasons…

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