Should I take my ex back to court?

Should I take my ex to court to have a proper shared custody agreement and get child support? When we separated, we wrote up our own custody and child support agreement; he paid child support maybe two times out of all of 2020. It has been one hell of a struggle still trying to get on my feet (the pandemic is making that incredibly difficult); he says he can’t afford to give me child support, yet he can afford all this nice stuff for his new GF who he just married and who is pregnant with his 2nd child. He’ll ask to have arranged biweekly visits (he takes our son for a week at a time, it makes me incredibly uncomfortable to do this), and then out of nowhere we won’t hear from him for a couple weeks to a couple few months at a time and then he’s back to wanting to see our son. I’m nervous about taking him to court with all this as he’s sneaky and slippery, I don’t want it to backfire and lose my son because as it sits my world is crumbling with only a small sliver of light, I can’t lose my baby boy.


If he’s not paying his fair share then absolutely contact the child support office. Why should you have all the stress of raising your boy?


If you do theres a chance you won’t get your son like you do now, it will be enforced schedule. But on the plus maybe it could make him actually pay child support like he’s supposed to?

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advocate for you child . if you can try and work it out with him once again because you tried if that dosnt work mediation if that don’t work . Court !

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Leave it alone until ur on ur feet. U don’t wanna make it seem like u can’t financially support ur baby. He will def win then. Just work ur ass off and keep stuff documented. He sounds like a real winner. Making baby number 3 when he can’t even afford baby number 1.

Absolutely you should go to court. There’s nothing protecting you or your child right now. If he decides to keep your son and not give him back, there’s no legal action that can be taken without a court order.


Obviously he can’t be trusted. Take him to court. Document everything. He isn’t showing your son any consistenly.

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Also if a man don’t wanna be in his kids life BELIEVE HIM. Never force it. U don’t know how they could treat a child they really aren’t interested in. He has u.


I would say yes since he is not following your agreement


I think you should do a consultation with a family law lawyer about options regarding your specific situation. Child support and access are two separate issues technically. You may also be able to settle matters in a separation agreement through lawyers without going to court. If you want your child to have access then having an agreed upon legal schedule can be helpful.


You definitely should

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Take him back to court…


Fuck ya!!! He will have to back pay also!!! Not cool he has a reaposibility to uphold not just u!!!

Court from day one, it’s all settled with child support and visitation, then you dont have to deal with him…


100% you should have already taken him to court


Get a court order and write it up yourselves and have it submitted to a court. That way it stays the same but this way he’s held accountable by more than just you. That’s what I did.

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Why is he not being arrested for the back child support? My bd got behind on his child support and he was arrested for less than 3k. All you have to do is collected all messages, write down all bad times and times he hasn’t seen your child. Present as much as possible to a lawyer. Don’t tell him or anyone about it!!! Then boom you surprise him with a new court date and I promise no matter how smart he is… you’ll be prepared and he will not. And don’t speak of a new wife or drama relating to that because that isn’t wrong for him to do by any law or agreement. Especially if it will be his biological child.

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Get it all I writing how y’all want to do it than take him to court make sure it is very detailed down to the days ect IF he does not bring him back. It is called parental kidnapping cause you have a written court order agreement just went through this with my sister. And was told it don’t matter what state once you have court order ect. But remember you BOTH have to abide by it.


Document! Document and then Document some more. The more evidence you have the better you will be. Phone calls, visits and no-shows…

Long story short,i put my 6 year olds dad on child support 4 years ago,going on 5…he never paid a penny,even after losing his license because of non payment. Since placing him on child support,his visits became scarce to none. Like ur situation,her dad has had multiple additional children since my child. So my advice to u,…if hes not giving u any money now,placing him on child support prob wont help. What is it u want? Him being in ur childs life on his terms (i know its unfair bs) or him cutting off ur child completely? Do u want to go to war is basically what i’m saying. To anyone who may want to attack or message fight me over my comment,don’t. I go thru enough,thanx.