Should I take my newborn to Thanksgiving?

Should I take my newborn to Thanksgiving gatherings? We are having our baby about an hour away from our friends and family, and I am due about two weeks before thanksgiving. No one will really get to see our baby in the hospital, but we don’t want to expose him to so many germs from so many people at thanksgiving. I do not want to miss the holidays, but we are in the midst of RSV and flu season. I feel if we did take him, I would be a nervous wreck about people touching him and getting in his face. Am I overreacting? Should we consider going for a short time?


I’d go for a short time. But that’s just me
Make.sure to.have people.wash their hands

I had my daughter Five days before Christmas I really had no choice but to have her around a bunch of people just make everybody wash their hands and obviously people should know if they are sick to stay away

Lysol your whole family then go :slight_smile:

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I had my baby in October last year and our families are 2-3 hours away. Our pediatrician advised against going to visit for thanksgiving and we stayed home. I’d rather be safe than sorry, but that’s just me.

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Go for short time make them wash hands tell them no kissing,being around some germs helps build the immune system

I wouldn’t that early

Go for a short time and keep hand sanitizer on you for everyone to use before they touch baby and NO kisses

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You are the mom so what you say goes. Personally, I’d go and wear baby in a carrier, that way you avoid people in baby’s face and any sort of anxiety baby might have being around a ton of people. If it gets uncomfortable, then you step in another room with the “baby needs to feed excuse”. If that doesn’t work, then you leave.


If it were me I would take him at least for a little while. Just make sure you bring hand sanitizer and remind people to use it often! And ask that they keep the touching to a minimum😊

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I wont be. We aren’t planning on Thanksgiving and my husband might take the older kids to immediate family for Christmas but baby and I will still be staying in.

Wash hands A LOT and I wouldn’t let them kiss the baby at all.

I would go. Just have everyone wash their hands . No kissing.

Buy hospital masks and anyone who feels sick wear one have someone go in and pass them out before you and baby go, bring hand sanitizer for everyone too.
Also don’t feel afraid to tell people not to get in babies face or kiss baby.


Wear your baby, then you have more control over who is able to get too close

Carry hand sanitizer if anyone wants to touch baby use that and request no kissing baby

Thieves. Hand sanitizer. :raised_hands:t3:

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I had my first daughter on 11/21/17 and that was 2 days before thanksgiving that year. We went to the family gathering (also 1 hr away from our house) and she didn’t get sick BUT there is always the chance it can happen. You can help prevent the spread of germs by carrying a container of hand sanitizer and having people wash their hands and use it before holding baby. Also try to have them not breath directly in baby’s face. I have a one month old girl now and I’m also worried for this time of year again.

Our baby will be 3 weeks old and we are taking him to thanksgiving but no one will be able to hold him or anything

I would set ground rules. Wash your hands well, use hand sanitizer, dont kiss baby, and if they’re sick no holding baby.