Should I tell a friend her boyfriend is cheating?

Hi mommas this is not baby related. I just want to hear your opinions. Hopefully, it can help me decide what to do. If you and I used to be friends and just lost touch due to our lives going into different directions, but we’re still friends when we see each other. Would you like me to tell you if your bf is cheating on you? Also, the bf is cheating on you with my best friend, but I didn’t know (as I didn’t/don’t condone) it until I caught my best friend with the bf in question. My question just is, do I listen to my conscience or go with my loyalty towards my best friend? I, however, am so sad that my ex-friend doesn’t know what is happening behind her back. Do I say something or just leave it? I don’t want to hurt anybody, but my conscience is eating at me. Sidenote, my bestie, knew about the relationship and the kids involved when she decided to hook up with the guy. When she mentioned the guy, I told her oh yes I know him, his with my friend, etc… Hence my best friend lied to me and said she cut all ties, until I caught them in the act (so to say)


Yeah! You should tell her!

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If your positive,yes!!!

Tell her. If it was reversed, would you want to know?

I’d tell… Especially if she knew what she was doing. Potentially breaking up a family. It’s goin to be hard. But it’s … The right thing to do. Cheating is horrible.

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If you don’t tell her, then you’re not even a friend at all. Having to even ask that has me doubtful :woman_facepalming:t2:


Yes. Just rip that bandage off.

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If you know for sure, tell her! I wouldn’t want to live my life not knowing my bf is cheating.

For sure. Wouldn’t you want someone to tell you? She’ll be upset, but will respect you for it.

And your BFF is a dumb home wrecking skank :woman_shrugging:t2:


Yes, wouldn’t you want someone to tell you if your partner was cheating?
Also why would you want to stay friends with someone who willingly slept with a man who has a family already.


You should tell her. My bf was cheating on me and his roommate, who I had become friends with, called me and told me. I had suspicions, but wasn’t certain. It hurt, but I was so thankful that I was told


Yes tell her, wouldn’t you want to know? Best friend or not, wrong is wrong. Especially when your best friend KNEW he was with someone and kids are involved. Disgusting to both of them.

You should tell. You would like to know if it was reversed

You tell your friend sorry but the bestie shouldn’t be with him she has no morals!!! And she should know better so what happens to her is on her you need to stand up and say something wouldn’t you want that if it were happening to you

You can tell her, if you are prepared to lose that friendship for good. Even tho he is the one cheating & she does deserve to know it NEVER ends good when you have to be the one to tell your friend that their bf is cheating on them with someone else.

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Tell her, but be ready for her to not believe you. Some don’t want to hear the truth and she may lash out at you

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Yes she needs to know. Cheating is one of the worst things you can do your partner

Yes tell i don’t care who you are if you know this please tell

Sounds like an awesome best friend ya got there :ok_hand: