Should I tell my husband I am already saving for Christmas?

Can you please post? My husband no longer works a public job due to mental health issues, and I am the only one bringing home a steady paycheck. Just before Christmas, I was promoted to full time. My husband does odd jobs here and there to help pay the bills. Last year around September, I started to save a little bit of money where I could so I would be able to buy our two kids and my husband gifts for Christmas. I want to do that again this year; only I want to start now. My question is, should I tell my husband I’m doing this or just wait till it’s closer to Christmas?


Don’t know why you wouldn’t tell him, why keep it a secret?


This is a double edge sword of a question. If he is someone that is gonna persuade u to spend that money when “times are hard”, then no don’t tell him. But if he is gonna stress out and have more unnecessary caused stress and possibly more MH problems due to worrying about money for Christmas… Then tell him. Pros and cons.


Why would this need to be a secret? It’s hard to say what you should do because I don’t know your situation and relationship but I would feel fine telling my husband.


Does he get mad when you save? I’m confused this is something odd to just bring up out of no where.


I’d buy a gift card every couple of paychecks and when the time comes spend whats on the cards or gift the cards themselves. If you find a deal along the way, score! Gift cards are a good way to insure you won’t spend it as cash.


If he’s not good with money then no, if he is then of course maybe he can pitch in when he can :grin:

I wouldn’t tell him. I mean, you can always tell him you wanted this to be a surprise.

Don’t tell if need money and gel spend it

I think it’s best when partners are on the same page financially. But if you think he might not be supportive and spend that money maybe keep it a secret for now


I started buying gifts right after Christmas. I told my husband I was.

Husband and I always put money away from taxes for Christmas presents, kids and family…and also if we are traveling (we do 1 yr up north with his family, 1 her in Florida with mine where we live) it makes it so much easier when you know you have money put away and less stressful when time comes!

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Don’t tell any one your business


I’m kind of confused with this post as well. Does he control the finances/money in the household - paying the bills, grocery shopping, etc. and keep tabs on everything that is spent/paid out? Is he a stickler about saving or spending when it’s not necessary or does he constantly worry about situations that may come up? No matter who the bread winner is in the household it shouldn’t be an issue to save a few dollars each paycheck if you have it to spare and I wouldn’t think it should be an issue to let your partner in on what you would like to do unless there is underlying reasons not stated.


I would keep it a surprise…
Or you could buy stuff as it is on sale now and throughout year…

My husband has mental health issues as well and I tell him it’s a rainy day money or emergency money and if we dont use it doe that till December then its Christmas money. We used to have a money bear that you couldn’t see into or get anything out and would put in money for Christmas throughout the year.

Does your bank have a holiday account of some sort? I have $25 a paycheck put into an account so I have a good chunk of money come Christmas and i tell myself it can’t be withdrawn. I agree with Melanie. If he’s the persuasive type then you could tell him it can’t be withdrawn until closer to Christmas. I like the gift card idea too. Buy visa gift cards and hold on to them until closer to shopping time

Depends what hes like with money…if this was my partner and I, I’d be algood with him not telling me hes putting some away cause I’m as useless as tits on a bull with money, I’d only be pissed off if he was keeping it for something he knows I’d be pissed about like something stupid, not xmas/birthday presents or emergency funds etc

I do it every year start in jan

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Depends, are you worried he’s going to just go in and spend it all? I would tell him if it were me. I don’t believe in hiding things from your spouse (with the exception of their Christmas present or something)