Should I tell the guys family I am pregnant?

I recently found out I was pregnant. The guy I’m pregnant from was a fling I had for a week. I told him, and he straight up told me to get an abortion. I don’t believe in that. My question is, I’m willing to raise this kid on my own. But I’m wondering if I should let his family know. I know he lives with his grandparents, and I wanna sorta stop by and let them know about the situation. Or should I just drop it?


No he should tell his family no need to start drama


If he doesn’t want it you can’t force it


Be prepared to be a single mama


It’s not your place to tell them.


That’s not your place to do so. You’ve already received his response, and said you’d be fine on your own.


Screw him have that baby, be a great mommy and leave him alone


So there was nO discussion about consequences of sex between you two? Beforehand? Your body your choice does not mean you try forcing a baby on someone who has made their view clear.


Not sure if that’s a good idea.It could cause a whole manner of trouble that you don’t need right now. At the end of the day it’s your body. You do what you feel is best for you and baby. Goodluck with it all sweetheart.


As a grandmother, I would want to know my grandchild.

Fuck him he cancelled single mom it is but sure why not tell them maybe they would love to be apart of the baby life and if it doesn’t go well then FUCK THEM to you’ll be just fine :pray::hugs:

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I wouldn’t. He doesn’t care to be involved. So why force him to be by involving his family.
He may change his mind later if he does great. If not then no loss really


Not something I would do they know hes sexually active and I’m sure this isn’t the first time hes told a female to kill it . If u didnt meet them before u broke it off no need to now.

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I’m going to have to disagree with most of these comments. Just because he doesn’t want the baby, doesn’t mean his family doesn’t. That child is still their family too!

They have the right to know a grand baby is on the way. The father doesn’t need to be involved. Let them make their own decision as well.

Good luck and congrats. All babies are blessings no matter the situation.


Do you want to be sharing custody?

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That’s not your place.


u can do it on your own… he will regret it in the future…

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The baby deserves the chance to know the family, I would tell them. If they want to be involved after that, it’s on them


I think you should tell them just cyz he dont want it dont mean they wont want anything to do with the baby

Wait till your further along n just stop by for visit n they’ll see the tummy;”)