Should I wait or get induced?

I have a question or would kind of like some advice on what to do. I’m 20 and pregnant with my 2nd baby; I have been diagnosed with gestational diabetes, and I’m currently 37 weeks; the baby is 7lbs and can come out and live, but she is turned sideways, and I’m not having contractions. With my 1st child I had at 16, I carried until 34 and a half weeks, and he came out 7lbs, 7ozs, and was fine. My doctor wants to induce me on Monday if I am dilated like 3cm, but he said it might increase my risk of having a C section, and I want to do it vaginally and have more kids in the future. Should I just wait and let her come on her own, or would it be so bad getting induced? I also had my first in a different state, so everything is completely different

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I had a different OB with all 3 of my pregnancies & each of them said inductions lower the risks of cesareans. But if your baby is sideways, it might be safer to do a scheduled cesarean. You can also still have a VBAC(vaginal birth after cesarean) the recommended wait time is 18 months between births though.

You can still have a vaginal birth after a c-cection

Its not up to you. I’m sure your doctor knows what is best. You should be concerned that your baby is sideways at 37.


Just because you get a csection does not mean you wont be able to have more kids. I had 5 csections and then got my tubes tied.


Whatever is safer I’m a type 1 diabetic which is a little different than gestational diabetes and I had to have a c-section for the safety of my son and myself so if the doc says it would be better to get induced listen to them.

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Well having a c section doesn’t prevent you from having kids in the future…just saying.
And you don’t just get to decide lol.
If your doctor wants to induce you due to birth complications you don’t just get to say no because you feel like it.
Unless of course you’re rather risk letting your baby die.
What do you think is gonna happen???
Either your baby is going to come out your Vag sideways which is impossible or she’s going to listen to you and take orders and roll into the right position? No…
You sound ridiculous.

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Whatever is safe for your baby

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U can have more kids after a c section less ur planning on 5 kids are more


You’re not even full term yet. As long as it’s medically safe for you to continue to be pregnant, let baby come on their own.


Typically with gestational diabetes they like to induce early because the placenta can start to fail as you get further along. I had gd with my 3rd baby and was induced at 39 weeks because of if. My other two were inductions as well. All three were uncomplicated vaginal deliveries.

No one on Facebook can answer that question. Your doctor has a license to practice medicine and has your chart with your full medical history. You need to review the pros and cons with a medical professional and make your own educated decision.


You can have a cesarean and still have more kids. I’ve had one emergency csection and 3 scheduled with no problems.
That being said, I was only induced one of 6 pregnancies and it is the one that resulted in the emergency cesarean after 24 hours. My advice is talk to and listen to your OB. W the medical complications, he will listen to your concerns of not wanting a cesarean then advise you on what’s the best/safest option for both you and baby.

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You can have a csection and more kids in the future. If the baby is sideways you might need a csection

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It is completely safe to induce. You have gestational diabetes which is a valid reason for them to suggest induction. I’d go that route.

I had an emergency csection with my second. We didnt know he had flipped sideways during labour and after 15 hours I couldn’t take it any more. He came at 39 weeks and totally healthy. I had extra fluid which is why we went in a week early.

If you can wait, i would wait.

I would personally trust your doctors on this one. I was induced and it was horrible, 30 hour sof labour with non stop prolonged contractions (up to 5 minutes and 60 seconds apart from about 5 hours in) I had to have IV to slow contractions down, ended up needing fluids etc. My little boys heart rate suddenly dropped and wasn’t dilated enough so had emcs. Nothing scarier than that last minute panic of getting me on the operating table. Personally if I could do it all iver I would’ve opted for a planned section. I still would’ve been scared but at least I wouildve been prepared for it. If we have another I will 100% be having a planned section, despite feeling robbed of the natural water birth I had planned to have.

You have gestational diabetes and it is not safe for you to go to term so get induce when 3cm

It sounds like there is a lot of fear trying to go over facts they are doing.