Should I walk away from my relationship?

I would like to ask a question anonymously if possible I have been with my kid’s dad for seven years, we have two kids together, and I have one from a previous relationship I have always made sure my bills are paid and that. We have food on the table. He works but pays child support for his son, whose mother does. Not take care of him, we got custody of him, but he still pays child support to her. I love him and his son, but he has never bought my kids clothes, shoes, or anything. Should I just walk away!!! Because he obviously is not worried about how we are going to live


Why is your partner paying child support when u have custody of his child?


No I don’t believe you should walk away hun, if he shows love and cares for u and the children then that should be enough. He does need to put his foot down tho and not give his ex anymore child support

Love dont pay the bills


Don’t walk away. Sit and have a talk with him about it. He shouldn’t be paying support if you guys have custody of the child.


So he has 3 biological children but only taking care of one? Have you asked him why, had any sort of conversation about this with him before you just wanna walk away. Missing some info here so I cant give a direct opinion


i didn’t even read it…
life rule: if you gotta ask, you gotta go.


So if his money does not pay bills or put food on the table why should you have him around. You are doing good without him. Let him go and since he likes paying child support he will pay for three now. He is taking you for a ride

If you aren’t flourishing. Sit down talk about it. If that don’t work move on to someone who will love you and your kids. Just cause the bills are getting paid doesn’t mean it’s good. Change is scary but a lot of good can come from it.

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I don’t understand hws paying child support if you guys have custody. And I wouldn’t walk away but I would talk to him bout the situation.


Umm, try communicating with him about it first? :woman_shrugging:t3:

If there is a court ordered child support agreement he has to pay unless he goes back to court and has it changed.

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Another sperm donor
Kick that fool out and continue to create a positive environment for your babies.


Talk to him, if nothing changes, walk. Its already sketchy because it seems he doesn’t think of your kids as his own. If he hasn’t in 7 years, he isnt going to. On that account alone, id leave.


Stop doing that to yourself …#WalkAway coz he doesn’t care irrespective of how much you feel for him#RespectYourKidsMommy

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Something is fishy here. You don’t pay child support for a child if you have custody.


Ok. So Y’all have 2 kids together and he has one with another woman? All of his money goes to this woman as child support for the child that she isn’t taking care of? He does not contribute to the care of his 2 biological kids he has with you? What was your question?? Girl, you are taking care of him, his child AND his baby mama while trying to provide for your own. Put his ass out.

It’s called COMMUNICATIONS. Why can’t you sit down and talk it out with him? I mean after all that is the biggest reason relationships and marriages fail. People on here can give you advice and support. But no matter what you will still need to talk to him. If you choose to stay or leave. In the end after you communicate do what is best for your kids you have with him and do what’s best for you.


And that would be something you need to ask him

Don’t even walk away, just straight up sprint