Should I walk away from my relationship?

Treat them all the same regardless of blood! All equal i say or not at all


He is not worried because you have proved you don’t need him


Why is he still paying child support? Is it back support?


How does she get child support but doesn’t have custody is my 1st question


When you say he doesn’t buy them anything. Do you mean he has never on his own purchased items for them? Do you share an account? I ask because my husband wouldn’t go buy clothing for my daughter. He pays when we go out to eat or randomly brings her dinner she likes or takis from the store but wouldn’t buy clothing or shoes. My point is he provides in other ways, does your partner provide in other ways. No judgement just a question.


Wait. You have two kids by this man and he doesn’t contribute to their well being?


I have TOO many questions!


Men are going to do what women allows them to.Thats why im single im not about to pay somebody’s bill and feed somebody’s child


Maybe file for child support on him he might have a change of heart then


Maybe have a talk with him about your concerns

This post is a little confusing. I have been with my child’s father for three years my son is 2. I have 3 kids from a previous relationship as well. My son’s father who I am currently with has never bought him anything. And I don’t mean he’s never paid for anything but he’s never physically went and bought anything. We share an account his paycheck and my paycheck both go into it. So whatever I buy for our son or my other children he’s technically paying for it too. Most men don’t have the first clue as to what to buy their children clothes shoes and what not and if I’m being honest I need my kids with me most of the time when I shop for them for clothing or shoes. If you’ve always done it don’t expect him to do it unless you ask him to. It’s part of being independent, you sound like you’ve been pretty independent throughout your relationship. Now if you asked him to get something for them and he doesn’t I could understand the problem. But overall there isn’t enough information in this post to give an actual point of view. Good luck


Have u had this conversation with him n told him what he is doing n how it’s making you feel men don’t always realise what they are doing :see_no_evil:

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Definitely be open with you SO about your concerns.

Why is he still paying child support


Have you talked to him about your concerns? 7 years is a long investment… communication is key.

Treat them all. The same what’s the worng with him

You sound jealous, just get it fixed in court if it’s a problem for you


I feel like this is missing context. So you’re saying that you pay for everything including stuff for the kids? And he just pays back pay child support? Does he pay bills and just give you money to buy the kids their clothes or does he not give you anything at all?


If you feel like he isn’t treating your children fairly, then walk away.

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Why is he paying child support if he has custody? Does the child support take his whole check? If not where does the rest go? Does he contribute to the household bills? So many questions.