Should I walk away from my relationship?

Hes paying her child support for what? LMAO fuckkk you must really love him to allow him to love her :laughing::joy::smiley::grin::laughing:


If he has the child then he doesn’t have to pay i could see if the child lives with the mother i would call the court house and ask them

There isn’t really enough information to go on. Maybe it’s back child support that he owes? He has to pay that off for the years she had the child. Also, marriage is not easy. If you really love the other person you work through your problems. You talk through it. You communicate and reach an understanding. You will not always agree but you also can’t hold things in and expect him to understand and know your wants and needs. My husband and I have been together for 15 years. We have 3 kids. I’ve always done the clothes shopping, shoe shopping, school supply shopping, school project shopping. Will he do it if I asked? Yes he would. Would I probably have to exchange things ? Yes probably. I have a teenager. He knows nothing about bras, makeup, feminine products… we, combined, together, as a team make our family work. But you have to talk to the man.


If you have the man’s child why is he paying her child support. She needs a job and contribute to your household. You need to talk with your man


So is it back support and does she now pay him support? Does he pay household bills ? Do you shop togethers it just your child from previous that he doesn’t buy for or his actual kids ?Nobody can tell you what to do but it’s hard to even give advice with so much unknown.

one he should go to court to get child support removed since you have the child she should be paying him .two i get the clothes etc being as you have kids together but is he paying all the house bills etc or are you guys splitting it ?? he shouldnt have to pay for everything if thats the case

Ok so my fiance is the father of my child and he doesn’t buy shoes, or clothes or anything either. I do all that. His job is to provide for us and ill do the rest. No we do not share an account and we split expenses but we also lean on each other and never hesitate to give the other money.


Dont throw it away, u have to talk! Asl him why hes paying support when he has custody, ask him why he doesnt help u, tell him u feel some way about it… talk!

First he needs to stop paying her support ASAP bc you guys have him unless it’s back child support then obviously he has to second just talk to him about how you feel, ask him why he doesn’t buy clothes for the rest of the kids, toys etc no reason why he shouldn’t be.


I’m confused why he has custody of a child but still pays the mother child support. Has he not tried to fix that? She could legally be required to pay all that back…he sounds lazy, but if you choose to stay with a bum, that’s all on you. Does he contribute any other way? If not, either stay with him or move on.

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if you have custody why is he still paying child support she should be to u know unless back like other people say

You say you always pay your Bill’s and that. What is that? Do you mean just your personal bills like credit cards, personal account, etc. Are you paying all the household Bill’s alone? When you say doesn’t buy your kids clothes, does he buy his son clothes that lives with you all and only him? You say he pays child support so your insinuating that he provides no income for the home at all is that right? If so after seven years I’d say he just found someone to take care of him while he pays off his child support and you just happen to get pregnant and have two of his kids in the process. If so do yourself and your kids a favor and leave because the extra two people you are paying for could be more finances for you and your kids.


Is he paying back child support?

Sounds like a deadbeat! Leave now

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So, do other couples not share bank accounts???

Your husband needs to ring up child support and tell them he has custody of the child and get mum to pay child support. Sounds like he can’t afford to pay for anything. Child support is a killer

He needs to go to domestic relations with his paperwork and stop the support order. And why has he never brought your kids anything?

First of all If the child is in his care full time yet he still pays child support it is only 1 of 2 things … 1. Back paying a child support debt or 2. The ex still has his balls in her purse …

Secondly if he is not contributing to house hold bills then have a conversation with him & see if this is something you can work out

Modify child support. And if you are asking if you should leave you already know the answer.


Why are you asking a bunch of strangers about leaving your husband instead of talking to him?