Should I worry about being asked to get a mammogram?

I am pregnant and had a prenatal app, and they did a breast and exam and cervical exam as well and tests… But they called and want me to get a mammogram. Is that normal, or should I be worried that they might have felt something? They never had me get one before. So just wondering if it’s normal?


Every woman has them

I’ve never heard of that before. Unless you have a family history they don’t normally due it until your 45-50. Hopefully nothing more than swollen milk glands. Good luck momma


Ask them why. Solves a lot of worry


It won’t affect your milk and you can ask for a shield for your belly, but I do wonder if normal pregnancy changes could confuse the results…


They would only refer you to a mammogram after a breast exam if they found something, or if you were 40 years old. If you’re not 40 then I would say that this isn’t normal and encourage you to ask your doctor why he gave you the referral.


It’s not uncommon to get syst while pregnant. Try not to get worked up. I had to do it with my second pregnancy.

Ask for an explanation. You are the patient, you are the one paying the bill. Ask why.


Sometimes due to milk production you can obtain cyst in the breast and I’m sure the doctor is just wanting to make sure it’s a cyst and not something more

I would maybe they suspect something and the reason they wont tell you so you dont stress over it and when they found it its normal they will let u know its better be safe than sorry

I would ask them why they are sending you. Get clarification

I’d ask them , ease your mind but I know plenty of people who felt a cyst and was sent for one, it’s not at all uncommon so I wouldn’t worry. They are probably just being thorough to he safe.

Ask why. I was 41 when I had my last baby and no one ever mentioned that. Unless there was an obvious lump and if there was the dr should have told you. I would decline. If there is an issue ask for a ultrasound first No way I would have the baby exposed to radiation unless absolutely necessary

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I’ve been pregnant 6xs. Never once did I need a mammogram while pregnant. They tend to stay away from radiation. They wouldn’t even do a lung x-ray when they suspected Pneumonia when I was pregnant. So i would look more into whether it’s even safe.

I’ve also had lumps. Dr always told me when she felt them, had me feel it. Then sent me for a mammogram, then biopsy.

Based only on MY personal expirence it doesn’t sound right. I’d be asking more questions.

Strange they didn’t immediately tell you why. Obviously it’s going to make any woman a little anxious to hear that. Praying for you all is normal!

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