Should I worry about my daughters stutter?

I have a two-year-old daughter that has a very extensive vocabulary, often speaks in full sentences containing 8+ words, and can have back and forth conversations. However, I recently noticed she has started to stutter when she’s excited or frustrated. It happens mostly during these times at the start of a long sentence. I have done some research on it, and it seems it’s common, and they usually grow out of it, especially if they are a girl. Has this been anyone else’s experience?


This happened to me when I was little. I used to have to jump up and down to get my words out. But my mom told me that I couldn’t jump anymore because other kids would make fun of me. Before that, I was never embarrassed about it and didn’t noticed it. In my 3 year old mind, “If I couldn’t jump to speak, what can I do?” I became more quiet and shy because I was soooooooo afraid that people would make fun of me, which turned into stage fright. I used to HATE when we had to read aloud in class because I would get so nervous about stuttering, that I felt like I was having an anxiety attack. When it was my turn, I would freeze up and try so hard to speak but all I could make was like a crock if frog noise. I learned overtime that I had to take a second to breathe, calm myself down & think about what I wanted to say. My mom didn’t help me with it, I had to figure it out on my own (which was almost into adulthood). I overcame my stutter but it still comes up every now & again. I suggest teaching her to calm herself down first and practice reading aloud.

My 4 Yr old had a stutter, literally woke up one day and started, it got progressively worse to the point he’d say the same word 8/9 times which could last up to 2 minutes, the best advice his nursery gave me was to ignore the stutter let them finish their own sentence, stay calm and don’t pay attention to it or you could make the stutter worse. Most kids grow out of it. My sons did, took around 6 months to stop, some take longer. We found my sons was triggered by a sudden change of routine (being pulled out of nursery because of lockdown etc) once his routine went back to normal he’s a lot better. It’s your littles brain going faster than the language development. (Kinda like another development leap) and once the language catches up with the brain it should stop x

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Should I worry about my daughters stutter?

My son had a stutter when he was 2-3 and eventually grew out of it

I think she’s probably thinking faster than she can speak. At that age they have so many thoughts and they’re figuring out how to put them into words.


So people who stutter do it because their brain is processing things too quickly so they can’t really keep up. When she starts to do it you can say something like “sweetie take a deep breath and start again. You don’t have to rush”. We did this with my nephew for a few months and his stutter completely went away. You’re right they just get very excited and sometimes flustered which adds to it. The point is to de escalate the excitement or frustration and give them a moment to gather their thoughts

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I’d definitely say it’s normal!
They try speaking too fast to what they actually cna do! My nie e was like this she was like this till about 8 year old! X

My daughter stuttered for awhile when she was three. She grew out of it very quickly.

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I stop my kids when they do this. Tell them to take a breath and slow down. None of them stutter regularly. Now, my husband does (not their bio). For him, I rub his arm and it soothes without pointing it out. Not that he would mine me telling him to take his time.

My daughter used to do the same when she was 2 and she grew out of it. Just once in awhile she stutters again

100% normal. My daughter does it she speaks really well other than her stammer, she’s under speech therapy atm to help her. But we just ignore it and take our time to listen :slightly_smiling_face: x

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My oldest did something similar, he would repeat a word several times. He was super intelligent & early talker. He grew out of it :slightly_smiling_face:


My niece started stuttering at age 5 because of stress and worrying. She has been in speech therapy since I’ve had her from age 3. Her therapist said if she doesn’t hear herself doing it there is nothing that can be done until she realizes it.

I used to stutter a little as a child. Also used to lisp. Had speech class at school. Your daughter is quite young, maybe she will improve with time. You can always ask her doctor during a visit.

My daughter is 6 and she stutters and when I had tested for a speech therapist they just said it part of development

My 2 year old just recently started doing this & my other daughter did it around the same age too but grew out of it.

My son did the same thing. A little after 3 it worked itself out. I think their brains are running to fast to keep up

Mine used to do that sometimes. Brain goes faster than the mouth. I used to say, “hold on. Take a deep breath, think about what you want to say, then say it.” Seemed to help :grin:


My daughter is 16 and she still studders. Only when she’s, mad, upset, excited, frustrated. But it doesn’t happen as often now. So she may grow out of it, or she could have it through her teenage years.

I can’t speak from a parent stand point, but I stuttered terribly as a kid. I had to see a speech therapist in school and she said it was something I would probably grow out of, which I did for the most part. It still happens sometimes when I’m trying to read something outloud, but not often. I hope she grows out of it soon. Some kids are so cruel. I got made fun of alot for it. :pensive: Good luck! :heart:

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I’m 30 and I’ve had a stutter for as long as I can remember. As she gets older it will be less and less noticable because she’ll learn to say things in her head first before just talking and it will prevent or at the least help with her stutter. The only time I stutter now is when I’m excited or nervous or trying to explain something big

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My son does this. Hes 5 about to be 6. I just tell him to slow down

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My 2 year old does this to when trying to say a big sentence

I still do it when I’m overly emotional I’m 38 lol

When my son was in speech therapy his therapist said it’s very common especially in kids learning to talk and not to worry too much. My son had one but it went away on its own. :slightly_smiling_face:

I still do it, not often. My oldest is 5 and she started around 3. But she doesn’t do it often. I have to tell her to stop, calm down, think about what she’s trying to say and try again

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Yes! My daughter could speak so plain, like an adult but when she got excited or anything she’d stutter. I’d tell her to “look at me, take a deep breath, tell me again slower”. Worked very well.

My daughter had this up until last year and she’ll be 13 this year. She still needs to just slow down when she’s in a rush to say something.

My daughter did the same thing for awhile and grew right of it!

My daughter went through this for a period, another mum told me to just be patient with her as its normally their brain going to fast they can’t get the words out quick enough so end up repeating themselves and stuttering while trying to catch up. It went as quickly as it appeared

My sister stuttered really bad when she was young…as she got older it went away on its own.
Also, my son stuttered when he was little…he’s 14 now.
I’m not exactly sure when it went away but it definitely went away on its own before he was 10.

Its more common than you think

My daughter use to stutter. I would tell her to slow down and say the words with her. Just be patient with her she will get there

She should be fine. She’s little and sometimes little kids have trouble with thinking too fast for their mouths to let out. I did. When I’m extremely anxious it still happens sometimes, but it’s a rare thing. Just be patient and encourage her to slow down.

It’s just exciment my 2 year old does it too we’ve talked to her Dr about it if your worrief

My son studdered around that age (and still does every now and then and he’s 4) but he grew out of it eventually!! I was worried too but he’s fine! I think their brains just work faster than their mouths sometimes lol

I’m 25 and I do this! I’ve never been to the doctor or anything for it as I don’t think it is a big deal. Just when I get excited my brain goes 100 mph and my mouth can’t keep up :rofl:

My daughter will be 2 in the end of October and doesnt really talk

I had a stutter when I was little and have grown out of it :slightly_smiling_face:

2 be on the safe side just take her 2 a speech therapist

Usually they do grow out of it, if you are concerned, start teaching her how to read music and when you notice that excitement, calm her and have follow along to some music.

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Should I worry about my daughters stutter?

I can speak from my personal experience as a child I stuttered when I was excited and tried to speak to fast, as I got older it happened less and less because I would catch myself doing it and correct myself. I completely grew out of it by the time I was 13.

It is very common at that age. They normally grow out of it. Their brain struggles to put their thoughts into words when they are that young and excited

My daughter is 6 and if she starts getting to excited or angry when she telling me something then it comes out as gibberish and she will stutter. I’m an adult and I do it.

Contact your Public School Dept for early intervention Speech Therapy. Don’t listen to those who say “wait…” and I hope you don’t live in a poor County…, if so push & advocate on behalf of your child to obtain their necessary Speech Therapy.

My two year old daughter just started this the other day too and I’ve been so worried about it. Everything that I have looked says that it’s very common with kids around her age. She has a doctors appt coming in the next month that if she is still doing it I’m going to bring it up to her doctor and see what they say about it.

I experienced this with all 6 of my kids and they all grew out of it… it’s like when you get so excited about going on a roller coaster but there’s a line and you try to push everybody through at once… that’s what’s happening in her mind… in my opinion at least

Ignore it. Bringing attention to it can often make it worse. She’s so young, she’ll grow out of it.

My son would do this also he would get super excited and talk to fast i would have him slow down and it would stop

Our doctor told me that of I slow down my speech patterns, so would my daughter, and she wouldn’t stutter. Her little brain is going too fast for her tongue to keep up.

No, there’s plenty of help out there and they will direct you to the right sources. Wait until she’s in school and needs speech. The state controls what age and what letter the child should now and if they even get speech. I had a much easier time than when mine started school

I wouldn’t be concerned at 2, my daughter was the same, spoke full sentences at 2 and had full conversations and she stuttered when she got excited or tried to saying something to fast or was angry. She’s 7 now and is in the accelerated program at school and has no speech issues at all and is above grade level in her math and reading. She did it up until she was like 4 ish I believe

My sister had a stutter when she was a kid and she grew out of it. My nephew has one right now and I’m guessing he’ll grow out of it too. I don’t think it’s anything you should worry about while she’s young. My sister had grown out of it before she was out of elementary.

It is common she’ll outgrow it

My 22 month daughter old has started to do it too when she’s excited, they must be so smart their mouths can’t catch up! :joy: Jk but definitely normal :relaxed:

Yup daughter did it too for a while. She grew out of it.

My sister did this alot when she was younger but eventually she grew out of it well mostly. Now it only happens when she gets really mad.

Health visitors can refer you to speech therapy, my son is 8 and still stutters, but it’s better than it used to be x

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Should I worry about my daughters stutter?

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Should I worry about my daughters stutter?

My son would stutter every time he was advancing in speech. He started speaking at 10 months old, so he has always been talking. But when he was trying to emphasize his R’s or S’s, he would start stuttering, around 2 years old-3 yes old. Now he talks non stop.

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I would not worry yet. I would have her look you in the eyes when shes telling a story. And when she starts to stutter her words say" hey buddy slow down and think about what you want to say and than start over❤ It will help her take a split second to re word.


Arrange an appointment with a Speech Therapist and they will advise if therapy needed and/or can give you the tools to help your daughter if necessary

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Could be dyslexic my friend is 47 and she still stutters and had difficulty talking without stuttering. My boyfriend stutters too but English is his 2nd language.

Our granddaughter did this because was trying to say what she wanted before her older sister chimed in. She got over with it in short time. Don’t think you have anything to worry about. When she does this try telling her to take a breath and slow down. Bet she will be find it works and learn to do very quickly.


You don’t have time to wait, so get her to a Speech Therapist , like yesterday so no more time is wasted! btw James Earl Jones had the same condition, but overcame it! #hoptoit!

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My son started stuttering after changing daycare and was being bullied by the daycare providers daughter who was younger than my son. As soon as I removed him from the situation, the stuttering stopped. You could try consulting a speech therapist and see what they recommend.

Their little mouths and brains go out of sync for a while
Her brains in 5th gear and her mouths in 3rd
Will work it out itself
I left my babbles work out their babbling
My friends mother used to shout constantly at her stumbling over words, she ended up with a dreadful stammer right into adulthood cos she over thought every word
What you have is a bright intelligent child that has too much to say for her tongue to keep up :joy: :heart_eyes: :hugs: xx


My daughter has always stuttered but only because she wants to say everything in one sentence. She’s 13 and I always tell her to chill.

No don’t worry just teach her how to breathe and relax… My sister had an actual stutter and it started long before that. My stutter developed because my mouth couldn’t keep up with my clever little brain… I was taught to slow down and breathe and think before I said each word… It got easier as my mouth grew into my vocabulary and brain…

Speech therapists told us when our 2 youngest stuttered, to ask them to stretch out the words. Don’t interrupt them, it can discourage them. If concerned, call local School District. They will evaluate your child, let you know what services are available.

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My son is now 3 and he was behind in speech, still working in it but he has gotten much better but when he gets super excited or really mad jumbles words together and sometimes non coherent words and we have to tell him to slow down, usually with kids they get super excited and their brains go faster then they can spit the words out, i would pay attention to it but its probably nothing just excitement and trying to get it all out faster then she can spit out the words

It’s not really anything to worry about just yet. I had the same problem at that age. If she starts to stutter, have her stop, think about what she wants to say, then say it.

I stuttered when I was a kid. Before I hit middle school, I took speech therapy at school with the counselor. It helped a lot and I grew out of it before I was a teenager. I did get bullied alot for it and I became extremely nervous of talking in front of class or anyone, really. I speak completely normal now. Just a small heads-up. If she hasn’t grown out of it by the time she starts school, keep a close eye on her for mood changes or just anything out of the ordinary with her personality. Especially if she starts speaking less. She may be getting bullied.

I used to do it as a kid as well, sometimes if I get over excited it still happens but VERY rarely

I think her brain is working faster than her speech can keep up. Just encourage her to slow down a bit. Such a clever kid!! Xx

My kids did that as well just tell your daughter that you are listening and to slow down if she needs to and you need to pay attention to her if she’s stuttering.

Im 39 have had speech therapy three times in my life, I still stutter. And my 17-year-old son has had speech therapy three times and he still stutters as well…

My stuttering isn’t that bad … it’s annoying though …

It seems to help when I slow down and breath then start again.

I tell this to my son, I say stop, think about what you want to say, talk slow and take a breath then start again.

Unsure if this will help you .

Also get into speech therapy, they say the younger they are when they start speech therapy the better.

Good luck

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My daughter grew out of it by the time she was five. She’s 7 and still stutters occasionally, but it doesn’t hinder her from anything

I’ve had a stutter since I was a young child, I still stutter as an adult, I personally don’t think stuttering is anything to worry about, with the right support and speech therapy, it can be managed


I stuttered as a child, but outgrew it. But I was extremely shy and scared to talk in front of a lot people.


I am a Mom to a son who stuttered as a child.
When understanding Stuttering, and the dynamics behind the person who stutters… They look at lots of things. Like your daughter, my son was extremely articulate and well spoken at a very young age. His mind would work so fast. And he would be so excited to tell you a story,I would just have him take a deep breath I would look in his eyes I would smile and just have him take his time. He was tested in school,The results came back and knocked me for a loop. Genetics comes into play.
Overtime for me, I learn to work with my son… And he did eventually grow out of it. He used to stutter on certain letters. And as a teenager he would have a different pattern.
He’s almost 25 years old, and it’s faded away.

My grandson started stuttering pretty badly at 2-3. We sent him for speech therapy and it helped tremendously. He is 18 now and doesn’t even remember stuttering.
Good luck.

My grandson and granddaughter both went through stage of stuttering, they grow out of it usually, mine did

I would wait until she gets older and see if it changes then if nothing changes i would seek help

It is very normal. Just have her stop and think about what she wants to say. I was stutterer and my oldest present his Adhd in he speaking rate & would stammer and stutter when he was younger.

My son had a speech disorder at two years old the local elementary school tested him and he started speech therapy there. Call your local school board and see if they can test her. Hes almost 20 now and his speech is normal. My oldest brother strutted he to had speech therapy. Stutter is gone now

I had a stutter and grew out of it! My male cousin is in his late 20s and still struggles with it

I would think that is normal and that she will outgrow it . I wouldn’t give it any attention.

I always. Got at their level eye to eye nd asked them to slow down and say it. That usually does the trick.

I used to stutter when I was young but yeah I grew out of it

Just tell her to slow down and speak its not that serious her mouth is going faster than her brain

My son is the same. It will work itself out. Just be patient and let them get the sentence out without interrupting them.

I had the same experience with my daughter…
Have you heard of Swedish Bitters?
Used it as instructed
Very effective

Speech and language therapy helps really well with this x

Yes, speech therapy right away.

Don’t wait. She , like my daughter, can get it under control if therapy starts early

Yes should grow out of it