Should I worry that my 15 month old doesn't have any teeth?

Has anybody had children that had teeth come in late? My 15-month-old doesn’t have any teeth, and I’m wondering when the time you start to worry is? (We have her 15-month well-child appt this week, and I will ask, but I’m just curious if other people have gone through this!) Also, anybody with kids that aren’t talking at 15 months? She is the second child, so I know it’ a “semi normal” but she only occasionally says mama. Maybe once a week?


My daughter was 16 months when she got her first teeth. She is 20 months now and only has 8

My son got his first tooth at 19 months. We were worried so we took I’m to a dentist at 18 months and they felt his gums and said they are there don’t worry. They also said don’t be surprised if he losses them late. He will be 8 the beginning of February and none are even loose.

No my daughter didn’t get her first tooth until she was 17 months old. I use to call her my gummy bear. She is 4 now and perfectly fine.

My daughter’s didn’t come in til she was almost 2. Great teeth, and she’s 12 and just now losing them. Dentist said, the later in, the later out.

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My daughter is 17 months and has 6 she only got them a few months ago

I wouldnt worry the longer they r in there the better

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Every kid progresses at their own rate. My kids are abnormally early on everything. My daughter is almost 4 months old & has 4 top teeth coming through already. My son was the same way. He had a mouth full of teeth before 1. Just don’t compare. Wait on it , it’ll happen :blush:

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My daughter was 1 when . She got her first tooth now she is 2 and has almost all hers

My son is 3 and hardly talks

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I would take them to the dentist my first son was 11 1/2 months before he got his first tooth but 15 months is really old to be toothless

One day she will just spit out a fully formed sentence. My girl did, my boy was an early talker he was the first born too

My 7 year old had all her baby teeth by the time she was 11 months my son is 7 months and not a single gle tooth

Children grow and mature on their own. Stop comparing your child’s growth to those of other kids. Every life is different, stop worrying.

My daughter was a late teether too. She also is late to the losing teeth game. She’s now almost 7 and 4 teeth down. Talking comes with time. Just keep talking to her.

I can’t comment on the teeth issue, except that I know babies are soooo different! My son has 19 teeth at 17 months (:grimacing:) but a friend’s baby, same age, only has 2! Talk with your pediatrician. As far as talking goes, my son doesn’t say a whole lot but babbles a ton! He didn’t say any real words until about 15.5-16 months. Now, his vocabulary is exploding. It helps to listen to/watch silly songs! We love the Super Simple Songs on YouTube!

my daughter’s doctor asked her if she ever saw a kid with dentures

My second child will be two on the 28th.
She started this month with 6 teeth and now has 9.
Also, she communicates well, but still speaks mostly gibberish.
They do what they want :rofl:

In need to ask my daughters dr about talking also. She’ll be 15 months on Thanksgiving and said mama and dada then just stopped, saying mama again, but she’s going backwards it seems

my son just turned 18 months and finally started walking, he also didnt have any teeth til he was 14 months