Should married men have female friends?

If she’s a friend have her hang out at your home with the two of you.

My husband has female friends I know all of them. But he pick up stuff from there homes but he don’t go and chili with them. It’s really about how much you trust him. Or how well u know him I guess.

No and that’s just common sense . If it makes you uncomfortable he shouldn’t do it period.

I had male work friends I met after me and my husband married but I never hung out alone with them only in groups


Idkkkkk personally I couldn’t trust my dude being alone at a woman’s house without some kind of sexual tension going on. And personally I wouldn’t be okay with myself hanging out with a man when I have my own at home. It’s okay for you to feel that way, what could they possibly be doing that they can’t come over to your house and do together? Right, so invite her over and watch their eyes and body movements when certain things are brought up.

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There are people on both sides of this coin and honestly I see both sides. But I will say that when my husband asks me something I honor his wishes because I want him to know he is my number one priority. My husband comes before any friend of the opposite sex would. I also believe my husband would do the same for me. If something bothered me, he would honor me and our marriage and our me and my feelings first. Yes you do have to trust each other. Trust is easy when you know you have each other’s best interest at heart.

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It could be either way honestly, and if I was you Id go with my gut. If you are a Christian then God ought to be at the center of your marriage. He will give you the prompting and direction. Trust Him. And you will know what actions to take if any need be taken. God speed.


Trust is key. He needs to include you and know other friends. I think you have to know what each other is ok with and respect that. Some people are more sensitive to it.

Your husband/ wife should be your #1 best friend in my opinion. If you cnt be 100% honest with your spouse about everything then what the heck are y’all doing together. For better and for worse right. Marriage is no fairytale, but honesty is key.


We dont “hang out” with friends of the opposite gender alone. Too much opportunity for temptation, whether intentional or not. People dont usually start out pursuing an affair. It starts as an innocent lunch out.


It’s inappropriate to hang out alone with a friend of the opposite gender if either is married. First, it puts people in a position for other inappropriate things to happen. Second, it looks very suspicious to everyone. If they were hanging out while you were separated and now you’re back together, it’s inappropriate to continue. It’s not really about not trusting your spouse. There are boundaries that married people should maintain if they want to stay married. It’s okay to have your own friends, but your priority should be in being friends with your spouse. That is, if you want to stay married.


I have a male bestie who is straight. It took my husband a while to be comfortable with that. The more he’s been around us, the more he sees we are like brother and sister and there is nothing going on there. My man trusts me and I trust him. He has female friends as well and again, at first I was a little irked, but now I’m okay with it. I trust him and he loves me. We’ve been together almost ten years. You have to be secured in yourself and your relationship for this to work. If your having doubts, you either need to have a serious conversation with your significant other, or you need to have a come to Jesus meeting with yourself.


My husband does have a couple of old childhood friends he grew up with that he’ll say hi to or hug when we see them in public. But I would never be ok with him just hanging out with any woman, and he would never do it either. And it’s not from a lack of trust. People talk and love drama and scandals. Alot of women see a married man and take it as a challenge for some gross reason. My husband would never put himself in a position where there could even be a rumor or situation. And vice versa. We respect what we have too much and dont ever wanna give anybody an open door to come between us in any way shape or form!


My husband and i have friends if the opposite sex. We also have the unwritten rule that those friends don’t come over if spouse isn’t home. Hang out in public places…depending on where (No bars) courtesy. Respect for my love.


Absolutely hell no. Very disrespectful and inappropriate. If he truely loves you then he will respect that fact that you are uncomfortable with it. It has nothing to do with trust and everything to do with respect


Nope! Nope! Nope! If she is just a “friend” is he comfortable bringing her out to say like dinner with you?! If the answers is no… she’s not a “Friend”


My husband and I do not have friends or the opposite sex…something innocent could turn inappropriate quick!


I’m a Christian. This has nothing to do with your faith and everything to do with his betrayal. It would be one thing if it was a friend that he sees only at work or the gym… but there’s never a reason for a married man to go to a single woman’s house alone.


He can have what ever friends but there’s no way he’s going to be allowed to hang out alone with a woman and at her place not happening not on my watch


It’s not okay. I don’t care what the circumstances were when they met. If he wants to seriously work on your marriage, he will end this “friendship”. Especially if they are hanging out at her place. There is no way this is ok.