Should my husband check his own pockets when I do laundry?

Am I crazy for thinking my husband needs to check his pockets for earbuds or other things not to be washed before he puts his clothes in the dirty laundry for me to wash? If I had to check every single pocket he has on top of the 3-4 loads of laundry every day and everything another chore along with a 6&7 yo and their distance learning, a 4month old going thru a sleep regression and teething, two old dogs that pee in the house because they either can’t make it outside in time or the need help to get up to go out and sometimes I’m stuck nursing, I think I might explode.


Maybe you could sit him down and explain you’re feeling just a little overwhelmed with it all.


Not only do I think he should check his own pockets. I think he should help with the laundry.


Is this issue starting fights?

When I do laundry what I find is mine


Yes!!! Me and my husband kept having this problem it is insane. Just empty your dang pockets it is not that hard


Oh yeah that boy needs to check his pockets.


Even my kids checked their pockets. (10yrs old and up)If not it got washed and dried :woman_shrugging:


I’ve asked my boyfriend many…many…MANY times…to empty his pockets, to pick up his dirty xlothes, dont leave your dirty socks laying around, put the tras hash in the garbage (hence why there’s now 3 garbage cans in our room), and many other things…hes gotten maybe…1 thing of the long, long list of tasks I’ve asked him to help out with…

I’m starting to think it’s a man thing in most cases.

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Okies my thoughts is … pick your battles , ask him to empty his pockets, if he doesn’t meh , wash as usual , any money you find is yours


My partner knows I don’t check pockets, I know he doesn’t check pockets. At the end of the day we’re both responsible for our own stuff


My husband has his own laundry basket for his clothes and is in charge of washing and putting them away. I don’t do his laundry for him.


Had this argument as well :woman_shrugging:t2: maybe it’s a guy thing

I do my washing every second or third day, family of 6 and I’m
never behind on it thankfully I wash dry and pack away, I check my partners pockets.

I just check everything out of habit .

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I dont even check his pockets i just throw them in the washer😂


I check his pockets cause he knows whatever I find is now mine…my ex left 200$ in his pocket, i got breakfast for me and my daughter and we got our nails done


mines clothes get washed separate and ooo well not my problem i hope you can pay to replace whatever you ruined by your carelessness and my favorite whatever money comes up is mine!!!


Its a man thing mine never checks his but I do and I keep what I find my spouse leaves ink pens in his pants so I check them

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I don’t know…but whether I want him to check his pockets or not…it’s instinct for me to check pockets before tossing them in :woman_shrugging:t2:

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