Should we bring a candy bag trick or treating for our 3 month old?

My baby girl is going to be three months for Halloween and was dressing her up as a little deer and was going around the block with her big cousins (7 and 9). is it appropriate for us to bring a small candy bag for her? (obviously, her father and I will be eating the candy, not her). but like, we really want some candy lol


Do it I did it with both my kids. It’s fun

I wouldn’t. You will look pretty silly collecting candy for your 3 month old. Eat some of your nieces and nephews


We did last year our baby was 6 days old :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

We didn’t go to every house for candy and when we did everyone oohhed and ahhhed at my son and said here you go tossed the candy in the pumpkin pale said thanks and was on our way.

I am more than happy to give candy to anyone who comes, including babies, teens, adults.


Hell yeah always. Either give it to the nephew’s or take it to work and fill candy bowls

Everyone loves candy. Who cares if mom and dad eat it. It’s fun! Enjoy!

Just do it! Appropriate or not…Halloween happens once a year. Who cares if it’s silly. My opinion.

I always did with my littles an of course we ate it,i think it’s fine

If you walk up to the door, your baby will get candy whether you have a bag or not. So I would suggest take a bag or else your baby bag will get filled.


We did for my daughter 1st Halloween she wasnt old enough to eat the candy either so we did. She loved it.

I think you would look silly with a 3 month old. Yes mom and dad could eat it but once people run out they shut their lights off. Leave the candy for the children. The baby will have many more years to take a bag.


Oh please! Have fun. Go take the baby out and get some candy. Ignore the spoil sports. Who the hell said adults can’t trick or treat!


It’s a joy to see the kids on costume of course bring a bag for candy.

Shit, I’d do it. Of all the years I’ve handed out candy, I personally never turned away anyone. Get your treats!

You deserve candy!I deserve candy!we all deserve candy!:clap::clap::clap:

Of course it’s ok…just be nice and admit your’re the ones eating the candy.

I took my daughter at 2 weeks and she was given candy nothing wrong with it

I say go for it girl

Candy is for everybody, not just kids & babies. Let’s face it, when it comes to candy, we are ALL kids!!