Should we buy our kids more toys?

So my husband thinks that we should get our kids more toys and I think that would be spoiling her she’s five years old, and she has a dollhouse a baby doll, and a ring toss game for outside that’s all the toys that she has because I don’t want to spoil her, but he thinks we should probably try to get her something else to put with it what are your opinions she’s five years old.

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Um that’s nothing to play with. Poor girl! Definitely buy her more toys


3 toys? My daughter has way more toys than that but we have her help around the house with age appropriate tasks and earn them. Toys help with learning and new experiences…I can’t imagine my daughter having 3 toys honestly…


Glad you’re not my mom​:rofl::rofl:


I would say get her toys that maybe help w balance and agility. We have so many toys that my daughter doesn’t play with.


So a doll house but no dolls?!?


Jeez how is she supposed to keep busy. I have more toys than that in my living room :roll_eyes:.


By all the toys she has, I hope you mean just for outside. If you think you’re spoiling her, have her pick out something she’d really like for outside and let her earn it by doing chores or by behaving well.

What has she gotten for birthday presents the last five years???


Personally my kids have more toys than I can count. My 1 year old has tons of toys, but most of them are learning toys. You can get her learning toys that are also fun. Making sure you baby is occupied and having fun doesn’t mean she’s spoiled imo.


Get her toys. Kids learn through play. If you’re worried about spoiling her, then to make yourself feel better get her some fun educational toys.


I can understand if you’re financially tight…but check market place or side of the road for free outdoor toys…don’t think of it as spoiling her…think of it as expanding her imagination and learning all different things from play!


Yes…buy that baby some toys lol…my house full of toys …maybe too much…but 3 things to play with? I feel like this is a scam post…I cannot imagine a 5 year old having only three toys🙄


Please tell me this is a troll post?

Like I understand wanting to live a minimalistic lifestyle. But 3 toys for a kid? Come on now.


Poor little girl she barely has anything to play with. Your husband is right she deserves more toys. Good grief!!! She’s 5 years old she needs stuff to stimulate her imagination and keep her busy. Buying toys for your child is NOT spoiling them.


3 toys? For a 5 year old? I get not wanting to spoil her but damn chick. I feel really sorry for your daughter…

Get her more toys he’ll my daughter is 3 months and has more toys then I can think of plus she’s getting more for Christmas as I am big on having a lot of toys plus she has about 20 or 30 books

Get some toys she can learn with and maybe a few dolls for her doll house.

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Toys are good for kids, it’s an opportunity to learn! Get her educational toys and ones that allow her to be creative.

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Our house would be a toy store for ur daughter… I got 6 kids… Spoil her…not awful where she turns into a brat but spoil her bc shes only this small once